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Under the name of DHL Aviation V. N. / S. A. maintains the German Post AG, a 100% subsidiary based in Zaventem, the location of Brussels Airport, the appropriate airlift for DHL provides or commissioned cargo airlines worldwide. DHL Aviation is the largest all-cargo airlines in Europe and upon fleet size, the second largest air carrier in the world. Previously she acted under the name DHL Worldwide Express.

DHL Aviation is ( initially as a maintenance company ) originated from the former DHL Operations B. V., after moving from the European hub from Brussels to Leipzig / Halle Airport in Spring 2008 and the associated creation of the European Air Transport Leipzig Schkeuditz. In Brussels remained the headquarters of the European Air Transport (EAT ), the largest European cargo airline of DHL, as well as the headquarters of DHL Aviation. In March 2010, the aircraft of the EAT Brussels were transferred to the cargo airlines Air Contractors and European Air Transport Leipzig, so that the EAT Brussels does not own any more machines.


DHL Aviation is not a single airline, but an umbrella organization for different airlines in many parts of the world, for the most part completely or partially ( DHL Aviation Hong Kong: 75%) are owned by the DHL or Deutsche Post. These include:

  • DHL Aviation Americas Inc., Plantation, USA
  • DHL Aviation (Costa Rica) SA, San José, Costa Rica
  • DHL Aviation (France) S.A.S., Roissy, France
  • DHL Aviation (Hong Kong) Limited. , Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • DHL Aviation (Italy) S.r.l., Milan, Italy
  • DHL Aviation ( Maroc ) S. A., Casablanca, Morocco
  • DHL Aviation (Nigeria ) Ltd.. , Lagos, Nigeria
  • DHL Aviation (Private ) Limited. , Harare, Zimbabwe
  • DHL Aviation (Pty ) Ltd. , Johannesburg, South Africa
  • DHL Aviation (UK) Ltd. , Hounslow, United Kingdom
  • DHL Aviation Kenya Ltd.. , Nairobi, Kenya
  • DHL Aviation (Philippines) Inc., Makati City, Philippines

Aircraft fleet of Deutsche Post

The German Post has four major airlines that offer services worldwide, and are fully in Post Property:

  • European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH, Schkeuditz, Germany, responsible for the main part of the European network
  • DHL Air Limited, Hounslow, Great Britain, responsible for additional services within Europe
  • DHL Aero Expreso SA, Panama City, Panama, responsible for Central and South America
  • SNAS / DHL, Muharraq, Bahrain, responsible for the Middle East traffic

Part of the aircraft EAT Brussels, was acquired by Air Contractors, Dublin, Ireland, this is responsible for long-haul flights to the Middle East and Africa.

DHL Aviation itself has a fleet of over 100 aircraft of different types, but also least, as required, aircraft or cargo compartment other freight companies. Additionally, it has German Post shares of the following airlines, some of which fly under the DHL brand:

  • Aero Express del Ecuador ( TransAm ) Ltda., Guayaquil, Ecuador ( 100% owned by Deutsche Post)
  • Aero Logic GmbH, Leipzig, Germany (50% owned by the DP)
  • Air Hong Kong Ltd. , Hong Kong, Hong Kong ( 40 % owned by the DP)
  • Blue Dart Aviation Limited, Chennai, India ( to 32.41 % owned by the DP)
  • DHL de Guatemala SA, Guatemala City, Guatemala ( 100 % owned by the DP)
  • Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, Inc., New York, United States ( 49% owned by the DP)
  • Tasman Cargo Airlines ( Pty) Ltd.. , Victoria, Australia ( 49% owned by the DP)

The former American cargo airline Astar Air Cargo DHL Airways was called from 1983 and therefore also contributed to ICAO airline code DHL. It has been sold but by Deutsche Post in 2003 and then received her old name back, but flew long time almost exclusively for DHL. After the expiry of the contract with DHL June 1, 2012 Astar Air Cargo ceased flight operations. The remaining eight aircraft of the type Douglas DC-8 were shut down. Likewise, the U.S. company ABX Air has worked for DHL. Both were and are the largest cargo airlines in the DHL, but not owned by Deutsche Post. In India, the cargo carrier Blue Dart Aviation Limited, a subsidiary of Blue Dart Express Limited Mumbai flies autonomously cargo flights. Blue Dart Aviation in turn is partly owned by Deutsche Post.

The fleet of aircraft, which fly exclusively for DHL Aviation and its subsidiaries, is made with state of July 2013 as follows together ::

In addition, DHL Aviation accesses a variety of partner companies with smaller aircraft that carry cargo from larger sites to small airports. In addition there are planes that can be rented for individual cargo flights. Overall, the German post office can access along with their partner company to a fleet of over 350 aircraft.