Iga Province

The province of Iga (伊 贺国jap, Iga no kuni ) was a historic province of Japan.

The region belonging to the Kinki district lay to the west of present-day Mie Prefecture and included the small, surrounded by mountains Ueno Basin. The old provincial capital ( Kokufu ) was located in what is now Iga. Previously, the province was quite inaccessible due to poor roads. Despite its relative proximity to the former imperial residences Nara and Kyoto, it was considered remote.

Iga bordered by the provinces of Ise, Ōmi, Yamato and Yamashiro.

The region around the town of Iga applies together with Koga (today Kōka ) in Ōmi as the birthplace of ninjutsu, and was a stronghold of the Ninjas, such as under the rule of Hattori Hanzō. Also, the haiku poet Matsuo Bashō was born here.