Suruga Province

The Suruga Province (Japanese骏 河 国, Suruga no kuni ) was an old province of Japan in the area of present-day Shizuoka Prefecture eastern. Suruga bordered by the provinces of Izu, Kai, Sagami, Shinano, and Tōtōmi.

The old capital ( Kokufu ) was Sumpu (骏 府, today: Shizuoka ), a short form of Suruga Fuchū (骏 河 府中, dt " capital of Suruga " ), which remained the most important city in the feudal era. The province was ruled over most of the Sengoku period of the Imagawa family.

After Imagawa Yoshimoto was defeated by Oda Nobunaga, the Imagawa were overthrown, and the province was occupied by Takeda Shingen. Later, she was commissioned by Tokugawa Ieyasu one of his allies.