Echizen Province

The province of Echizen (越 前 国Japanese, Echizen no kuni ) was an old province of Japan in the north of the present-day Fukui Prefecture.

The province was created in 689-692 by the described in the Taiho Code splitting the old province of Koshi (越 国) in the provinces of Echizen ( " front - Koshi " ), Etchu ( "middle -koshi " ) and Echigo ( "Behind - Koshi "). The characters of the province were read in the early days as Koshi no michi no kuchi. 718, the Noto Peninsula was spun off as a province of Noto and Kaga Province 823.

Echizen is known for Washi (traditional paper produced ); already dated to the year 774 text mentions this. Washi from Echizen is today the most widely used hand-made paper of Japan.

The old provincial capital ( Kokufu ) man suspected in Takefu (now Echizen ), in the Sengoku period, the province was divided into numerous fiefs, in the Edo period, the daimyo had its headquarters in Fukui.