Shinano Province

Shinano (Japanese信 浓 国, Shinano no kuni ), also: Shinshu (信 州) was an old province of Japan.


Its territory corresponds to that of Nagano Prefecture today.

Shinano bordered by the provinces of Echigo, Etchu, Hida, Kai, Kozuke, Mikawa, Mino, Musashi, Suruga and Totomi.


( Tempyo 3/3/7 ), the province Suwa split, but already on 17 April 731 reintegrated: Shoku Nihongi After was on July 24, 721 ( Yoro 05/06/26 Traditional).

The old capital ( Kokufu ) lay with the modern Matsumoto. Shinano was often divided into several fiefs because of the size in the Sengoku period, and consequently also the other castle towns such as Komoro, Ina and Ueda developed. Shinano was one of the centers of power of the Takeda Shingen during his wars against Uesugi Kenshin and others.

1871, the province was divided after the Meiji Restoration in the Nagano prefecture and the Chikuma Prefecture. In 1876 they were reunited for today's Nagano Prefecture.

During WW2 the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano was named after this province.