Jonathan Sturges

Jonathan Sturges ( born August 23, 1740 in Fairfield, Connecticut, † October 4, 1819 ) was an American politician. Between 1789 and 1793 he represented the state of Connecticut in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Jonathan Sturges grew still in the British colonial era. He attended the Yale College until 1759. After studying law and qualifying as a lawyer, he began in Fairfield to work in his new profession. In 1772 he was elected to the then colonial House of Representatives from Connecticut. He stayed even after the Declaration of Independence until 1783 a member of this Parliament chamber. In 1773 Sturges served as Justice of the Peace, 1775, he was restructuring judge in Fairfield County. 1786, he was again elected to the House of Representatives of his State. In the same year he was also a delegate to the meeting in New York Continental Congress.

In the elections for the first Congress in 1789, which were held all across the state of Connecticut, Jonathan Sturges was elected for the third seat in parliament of his country in the U.S. House of Representatives. Politically Sturges the then Federal Government under President George Washington close (Pro - Administration). After a re-election in 1792 he was able to complete the first two sessions of Congress as its member between 4 March 1789 and 3 March 1793.

After the end of his time in Congress Sturges was 1793-1805 Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of his State. After that he has exercised no other significant offices more. Jonathan Sturges died on 4 October 1819 in his birthplace of Fairfield and was also buried there. His son Lewis (1763-1844) sat 1805-1817 also for Connecticut as a delegate in Congress.