Elias Perkins

Elias Perkins ( born April 5, 1767 in Newent Society, New London County, Connecticut; † September 27, 1845 in New London, Connecticut ) was an American politician. Between 1801 and 1803 he represented the state of Connecticut in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Elias Perkins was born in 1767 in Lisbon today in Connecticut. He grew still in the British colonial era and witnessed as a teenager the War of Independence. Until 1786, he studied at Yale College. After a subsequent study of law and qualifying as a lawyer, he began in New London to work in his new profession. Politically, Perkins was a member of the Federalist Party, founded by Alexander Hamilton. Between 1795 and 1800 he was a member of the House of Connecticut. In 1798, he was its president. In 1799 he was an Associate District Judge in New London County.

In the congressional elections of 1800, which were held all across the state, Perkins was in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC selected. There he graduated between 4 March 1801 and 3 March 1803 legislative session. After his time in Congress Perkins again worked as a lawyer. Between 1807 and 1825 he was Chief Judge of the District Court in New London County. In the years 1814 and 1815 he was again a deputy in the House of Representatives from Connecticut; 1817 to 1822 he also belonged to the State Senate. His last public office was the mayor of the city of New London, which he held 1829-1832. In this city Elias Perkins also died in September 1845.