Lethbridge Broncos

The Lethbridge Broncos were a Canadian ice hockey team from Lethbridge, Alberta. The team played from 1974 to 1986 in one of the three highest Canadian Junior Hockey League, the Western Hockey League ( WHL).


The Swift Current Broncos in 1974 for financial reasons, of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Lethbridge, Alberta, relocated and renamed Lethbridge Broncos. In all twelve years of existence, the team reached the playoffs. Their greatest success was winning the Ed Chynoweth Cup in the 1982/83 season after a final victory over the Portland Winter Hawks. In the summer of 1986, the franchise were bought and re- moved to Swift Current, where it has since participating under its original name Swift Current Broncos game on operation of the WHL.

The gap that had emerged after the relocation of the Broncos in Lethbridge, was filled by the Lethbridge Hurricanes, who play in the WHL since 1987.

Former Players

The following players who were active for the Lethbridge Broncos, played in the course of her career in the National Hockey League:

  • Warren Babe
  • Dave Barr
  • Mike Berger
  • Rollie Boutin
  • Ron Delorme
  • Gerald Diduck
  • Archie Henderson
  • Ian Herbers
  • Matt Hervey
  • Earl Ingarfield, Jr.

Team Records

Career Records