New Westminster Bruins

The New Westminster Bruins were a Canadian ice hockey team from New Westminster, British Columbia. The team played from 1971 to 1981 and from 1983 to 1988 in one of the three highest Canadian Junior Hockey League, the Western Hockey League ( WHL).


The Estevan Bruins of the Western Hockey League in 1971 from Estevan, Saskatchewan, to New Westminster, British Columbia, relocated and renamed New Westminster Bruins. Her achievements and the team reached the mid-1970s, when she won the Ed Chynoweth Cup from 1975 to 1978 four times in a row. As WHL champions, the Bruins qualified for each of the participation in the finals at the Memorial Cup, they could also win in 1977 and 1978. After ten years, the franchise was relocated in 1981 to Kamloops, British Columbia and then took the name Kamloops Junior Oilers game on operation of the WHL part.

Following the 1982/83 season the WHL team the Nanaimo Islanders was relocated to New Westminster. The franchise continued the history of the first New Westminster Bruins and played another five years in the WHL before they were claimed Kennewick, Washington, resettled, where she has since accrued under the name Tri -City Americans in the WHL.

Former Players

The following players who were active for the New Westminster Bruins, played in the course of her career in the National Hockey League:

  • Lorne Henning
  • Bob Hess
  • Brent Hughes
  • John -Paul Kelly
  • This Kimble
  • Dean Kolstad
  • Olaf Kolzig
  • Doug Kostynski
  • Kevin Krook
  • Gord Lane
  • Derek Laxdal
  • Gord Laxton
  • Jamie Leach
  • Mark Lofthouse
  • Larry Lozinski
  • Bernie Lukowich
  • Pokey Reddick
  • Terry Richardson
  • Florent Robidoux
  • Cliff Ronning
  • Kevin Schamehorn
  • Rick Shinske
  • Reid Simpson
  • Barry Smith
  • Vern Smith
  • Stan Smyl
  • Ed Staniowski
  • Daryl Stanley
  • Bob stump
  • Brian Young
  • Miles Zaharko
  • Mike Zanier

Team Records

Career Records