List of Formula One records

The automobile federation FIA has been writing since 1950 a world championship for drivers from, since 1958 also for such designers. This World Cup were usually discharged with vehicles that meet the "Formula 1" mentioned rules. The following is a summary of some previously established records, statistics, etc.

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When considering the data collected statistically in the following should be noted that the competitive conditions in the course have changed over the sixty-year history of Formula 1. So at least 17 World Championship races since 2004 regularly been held every year, in the 2012 season, there were even 20 Grand Prix races. Until the mid-sixties, however, only six to ten counting for the World Cup races were common, but the way many non- scoring World Cup Formula 1 races were held, the results of which remain unconsidered in the eternal statistics. It was only in the seventies the number of races increased to an average over 14.

Another factor that complicates the evaluation of achievements of previous drivers and teams based on statistical analyzes is the fact that in the past up to fifty drivers and more than twenty teams were registered to a single Grand Prix, of which, however, more than half of the race could qualify. Today occurs a constant number of competitors on the race.

In addition, the scoring system was modified several times: originally only got the top five in every Grand Prix awarded points, after several adjustments it since the 2010 season in the top ten. The winner then got as many points as today the sixth- place finisher of a race. A simple addition of won in World Cup race points is thus misleading and is not suitable for the comparison between the former and today's Formula 1 drivers.

In the official statistics of the race series also appear on drivers who have never contested a Formula 1 race, because in the years 1950 to 1960, the Indianapolis 500 for the World Cup was one, although there were no Formula 1 cars on the grid and rarely formula 1 pilot. For example, the American Bill Vukovich is listed with two Grand Prix wins, even if he never took part in regular Formula 1 race.

The reliability of the race cars has changed dramatically: While it was common that about half of the starting field remained standing during the course of a race with technical failure, fall today hardly out of cars. So could the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher with 50 races in a row almost as many World Cup races without technical failure exit as the five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio throughout his career played a total of several makes.

The Constructors' Championship was introduced in 1958, which is why the team statistics are kept only from that year.

Records for drivers

Drivers who were in the 2014 season with a team under contract, are highlighted in blue.

World Champion title

Grand Prix victories

Pole positions

Fastest laps

Championship points

From the first Formula 1 season 1950 and 2009 season were awarded per win 8-10 points. Since 2010, the winner receives 25 points since 2014, the double points will be awarded at the last race of the season. This puts into perspective the significance of these statistics (see Formula 1 points system ).

A list of additional driver is in this article under the driver's overview.

Unofficial World Championship points

Unofficial number of championship points under the current points system since 2010 ( 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 ).


Leadership km / round

The list contains the ten drivers who have the most round kilometers in the lead.

Grand Prix starts

The system counts all races that the driver in question has actually participated. Is it for example in the formation lap (ie before the actual start of the race, respectively), it is not seen as a GP participation. When launched shall be regarded, however, who has taken at least the first attempt to start the Grand Prix race.

Wins in a season

Pole positions in a season

Driver Overview

The list of drivers who have achieved a minimum of 100 championship points until the end of 2009, at least 300 unofficial points according to the scoring system of 2010 or a world title. All pilots participating in the 2014 season are shown (purple colored). Records are highlighted in bold.

More Records

Records by designers

In the 2014 season, designers are active in blue.

Constructors' world title

Designers - Overview

The list of designers who have achieved a minimum of 100 championship points and / or constructors' world championship titles. Records are highlighted in bold.

Records by tire manufacturers

In the 2014 season active manufacturers are blue.

Tire Manufacturer Overview

The list of tire manufacturers that were ever active in Formula 1. Records are highlighted in bold.

Records by nation

Drivers' world championship titles

Constructors' world title