Tigers Tübingen

2012/13: 10th place

WALTER Tigers Tübingen - formerly SV 03 Tübingen ( 1952-2000, 2002-2004), WiredMinds Tübingen ( 2000-2002) - is a basketball team from the city of Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, which currently plays in the National Basketball League. Originally, the basketball department of the SV 03 Tübingen was founded in 1952. In 2002, the first men's team was spun off as per Basket Tübingen GmbH in Tübingen SV 03, which, however, continue to shareholders of the GmbH is .. Since 2004, the Tigers play continuously in the National Basketball League (BBL ). The previous best result was the two 10th places in the seasons 2006/ 07 and 2012/13. The home games are played since 2004 in the comprehensive 3132 spectators Paul Horn Arena.

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1952-2002: Foundation and establishment in the 2nd League

The Tübingen Sports Club 1903 eV founded in 1903 and is commonly known as SV 03 Tübingen. 49 years after the founding, in 1952, a basketball department was founded. This denied on October 25, 1952 their first game in the league - Württemberg. In 1972 succeeded in winning the Württemberg Championship and the SV 03 rose to the Oberliga. The Youth B won the German championship in 1981 and two years later, the SV 03 first acquired promotion to the second basketball league. Since then, the university city dwellers never played again in a deeper league. 1992 succeeded in the first ascent to the Bundesliga, but it went straight off again.

The B- youth succeeded again in 1997 to win the German Cup, but the re-emergence of the first team could not be realized until 2001. In the promotion season also succeeded very surprising to defeat ALBA Berlin with 87:84 in the cup. The team led by DeJuan Collins, the top scorer of the 2nd Bundesliga South was, could also be largely held together and was reinforced. But the WiredMinds Tübingen, as the first team of the basketball department was now, had to descend directly back at the end of the season. For the registration form for Roman Horvat, who moved during the season to the WiredMinds, was filed too late by the Tübingen. All games in which he was employed, has subsequently been regarded as a defeat, and thus they had to descend into the second league again.

2002-2004: Probasket Tübingen GmbH

In July 2002, the Probasket Tübingen GmbH was founded and thus the first team in the basketball department of the SV outsourced 03 Tübingen from the association. The sole shareholder is to this day, however, the SV 03 Harald Prince as CEO and Michaela plug as head of the office were at that time - both with a half body - the only employees in the management of the association. Head Coach was still Uwe Sauer, with the Tübingen had dismounted on and on again already in the first division.

For the new season with the clear aim rise, among other winger Robert Winter Coat has been committed to the now CEO of Probasket GmbH is .. In January, it was still retrofitted with Brian Jones, but the rise was still just missed. The contract of coach Uwe Sauer was subsequently not renewed and George Fighting set as the new head coach. Led by point guard Brian Jones then succeeded the long awaited comeback.

2004-2009: First years as WALTER Tigers with a new name sponsor

After the Tübingen basketball players in the second division as SV 03 Tübingen competed again, could the Walter AG became a new name and main sponsor with the rise. And there were some changes in the team, which now bore the name WALTER Tigers Tübingen: Georg combatants left the Neckar townspeople for personal reasons and was replaced by Pat Elzie. In addition, the team has been strengthened among others, the former national player Tim Nees to achieve the goal league and the Tigers attracted by the Uhland hall in the newly built TüArena (now Paul Horn Arena ).

Despite the smallest with 800,000 euro budget of the League the team managed by Elzie to hold the class. In the season 2004/2005 it was still against relegation and after four consecutive defeats Pat Elzie was released in January. As the new head coach of the former Finnish national team coach and trainer of the TSK Würzburg Aaron McCarthy was presented. He managed to avoid relegation and finish the season in 12th place.

With a budget of 1.5 million, the Tigers went into the 2006/2007 season, but the most important player Bingo Merriex could not be maintained. But as the team was specifically reinforced, the team managed by McCarthy at the end to reach the 10th place. This is still the best end result of Tübingen. In May 2007, Christian Roth successor to the former managing director Harald Prince. However, this had no experience with the basketball. The new season was not as desired, although the squad largely held together and Bingo Merriex could be retrieved. After eight defeats in nine games Aaron McCarthy had to resign in December 2007. As interim coach took over assistant coach Rainer Kloss for about a month until Tolga Öngören in January, a successor could be found. With it, the descent could be prevented and the season was finished on the 15th place.

After only one year of the highly criticized CEO Christian Roth was released in August 2008. As a substitute Robert winter coat was committed, who played until 2007 even with the WALTER Tigers. In spite of necessary financial savings and a smaller budget, managed the final last season to improve a place.

2009 to present: continuity under coach Perovic and CEO winter coat

In May 2009 it was announced that the contract of head coach Öngören was not renewed and the new season but with Igor Perovic is disputed. Perovic was like winter coat, previously active for one year as a player for the Tigers and the much cheaper alternative to Öngören. Rasko Katic Also, who was four years an extremely important part of the team, left the Tigers. Thanks to good relations Perovics the team, among others, BBL legend Aleksandar Nadjfeji could be strengthened. Despite further austerity measures the Swabians finished the season in 12th place. The following two seasons ended, the Tübingen on the 12th place, although the budget remained below two million euros and the squad changed greatly.

For the 2012/13 season could be held with Reggie Redding, Vaughn Duggins, Tyrone Nash and Captain Josh Young several performers of the previous year, only the disposal of construction Lou Campbell could not be adequately replaced. In addition, the Tübingen also received a new training hall, bringing the training situation was much improved .. At the end of the Tigers landed on the 10th place and the playoffs were just missed. The 2013/14 season brought back some changes. The scorer Redding and Duggins left Tübingen, but the squad was strengthened among others, the former Munich Jonathan Wallace and Alex Harris. From Munich U -20 national team Bogdan Radosavljević and returnees Aleksandar Nadjfeiji were committed. The latter will not only players but also Assistant Coach.


WALTER Tigers are from the first basketball men's team of the SV 03 Tübingen, which is still the sole member of today, emerged. This has about 1,800 members and is one of the largest multi-branch associations of the region. In addition to basketball, there are at SV 03 Tübingen eleven other departments such as football, handball, boxing, athletics. For children, the club also offers a ball sports school, as well as a football school.

All other men's, women's and junior basketball teams, except the NBBL and JBBL teams play under the name SV 03 Tübingen. The four men's teams play by the Regional District to the league, the ladies play in the national league. The latter played from 1986 to 1988 in the second division. Overall, the basketball department has currently ( end of 2012) 286 members.

Young Tigers Tubingen

The youth teams WALTER Tigers occur as Young Tigers Tubingen in NBBL (U 19) and in the JBBL (U 16), the respective Germany 's highest leagues, at. For the NBBL the team of coach Manuel Pasios could qualify for the first time in 2010. Previously they played from 2006 to 2009 together with the BBA Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg as SG / Tübingen in NBBL. In the JBBL the Tigers play since its inception in 2009/10. Only 2010/2011 failed to qualify.

Team 2013/14



Arrivals: Alex Harris ( polar bears Bremerhaven ), Nils Mittmann (New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig), Aleksandar Nadjfeji (Bayern Munich ), Bogdan Radosavljević (Bayern Munich ), Ben Simons ( Drake Bulldogs/NCAA- from 10/2013 is no longer in the squad ), Jonathan Wallace ( Belfius Mons-Hainaut/BEL ), Branislav Ratkovica (from 10/2013 - BK Politechnika-Halytschyna/UKR ), Anatoly Kaschirow (from 11/2013 - BK Ventspils / LVA )

Departures: Mahir Agva (natural gas Ehingen / Urspringschule ), Vaughn Duggins (Le Mans Sarthe Basket), Kenneth Frease ( Artland Dragons ), Stoimir Ivandić ( Hanau White Wings ), Reggie Redding ( Alba Berlin), Ruben Spoden ( s.Oliver Baskets ) Cameron Wells (destination unknown), Radisa Zdravković ( Assistant Coach, End of career ), Ben Simons ( from 10/2013 - Antwerp Giants / BEL)


Record since 1983

0Sp0 = games 0S00 = Wins 0N00 = Losses


As of end of season 2012/13. Note: Only BBL games. From the 1992/93 season is no statistics available. A player must have completed at least 10 games for the team.

Best Players


Bundesliga squad



Arrivals: Steven Key (BK Klosterneuburg / AUT), Sean Schiano ( Niagara Purple Eagles / NCAA ), Peter Schomers, Gerry Dietl ( from December 1992 - Sparta Bert Range / LUX ) (? )

Departures: Roman Opsitaru ( End of career ), Robert Reisenbüchler (TTL Bamberg ), Matthias Vohrer ( End of career )



Arrivals: Srdan Helbich (Falco KC Szombathely - to 02 /2002 in the squad ), Lloyd Pierce ( Soled de Jalisco ), Angel Santana ( St. Francis Terriers - to 02 /2002 in the squad ), Ajamu Gaines (from 11/2001, Pennsylvania Valley Dogs - up to 11/2001 in the squad ), Mantia Callender ( from 02 /2002, Olympia Larisa ), Alexander Frisch ( from 02 /2002, means German BC ), Roman Horvath ( from 02 /2002, OPEL SKYLINERS Frankfurt)

Disposals ( during the season ): Claus Sieghörtner (from 11/2001, End of career ), Ajamu Gaines ( from 11/ 2001 destination unknown), Srdan Helbich ( from 02 /2002, target unknown), Angel Santana ( from 02 /2002, destination unknown)

Best Players



Arrivals: Kevin Burleson (USC Heidelberg), Brian Clifford ( Pyrinto Tampere ), Andreas Hornig ( Murray State Racers ), Jimmy James ( TuS Lichterfelde ), Reggie Okosa ( Dodge City Legend ), Tim Nees (EnBW Ludwigsburg ), Adama N'Diaye (from 10/2004, Andrea Costa Imola Basket - from 11/2004 is no longer in the squad ), Erki Kivinukk (from 01 /2005, without a club - from 02 /2005 is no longer in the squad )

Departures: Jan Bösing (destination unknown), Mantia Callender (destination unknown), Nicolai Iversen ( Alcudia Aracena ), Sascha Kesselring (EnBW Ludwigsburg ), Thomas Klemm ( FC Bayern München ), Sebastian Maio (Verviers - Pepinster ), Sean Schiano ( Dusseldorf Magics ), Antonis Sivorotka (destination unknown), Adama N'Diaye ( from 11/ 2004 destination unknown), Andreas Worenz (from 01 /2005, Chemnitz 99ers ), Erki Kivinukk ( from 02 /2005, BK Opava )

Best Players



Arrivals: Travarus Bennett ( BBC Nyon ), Tim Burnette (EnBW Ludwigsburg ), Felix Czerny ( University of San Francisco), Rasko Katic ( ergonomist Niš ), Peter Klemm ( Bayern Munich), Max Koch villages (SV 03 Tübingen), Bingo Merriex (Andrea Costa Imola ), Igor Perovic ( TSK Würzburg), Ron Selleaze ( Lobos Grises de la UAD ), Steffen Weng ( own youth ), Antwine Williams ( Imesa Sielpa Osimo ), Alexander Lokhmanchuk (from 12/2005, BK Kiev - from 01 /2006 is no longer in the squad ), Aaron McCarthy ( Head Coach, from 01 /2006, no club ), Tamien Trent (from 01 /2006, 1st FC Kaiserslautern - from 03 /2006 is no longer in the squad ), Michael Moten (from 01 /2006, CAB Madeira - from 03 /2006 is no longer in the squad ), Hurl Beechum (from 02/2006, without club)

Departures: Kevin Burleson ( Charlotte Bobcats ), Brian Clifford (destination unknown), Jimmy James (Paderborn Baskets ), Brian Jones ( polar bears Bremerhaven ), Kresimir Miksa ( MTV Stuttgart ), Tim Nees ( Sellbytel Baskets Nürnberg ), Michael Nurse ( Matrixx Magixx Nijmegen), Reggie Okosa (Shanghai Sharks ), Radivoj Tomasevic ( MTV Stuttgart), Pat Elzie ( Head Coach, from 01 /2006, no club ), Alexander Lokhmanchuk (from 01 /2006, BK Budiwelnyk Kiev), Tamien Trent ( from 03 / 2006 target unknown), Michael Moten ( from 03 /2006, target unknown)

Best Players



Arrivals: Tai Crutchfield (La Union Colon - from 10/2006 is no longer in the squad ), Jamaal Davis ( Hamedan Pegah / IRI ), Philipp Friedel (USC Freiburg), Johnny Gray (Pacific Tigers / NCAA - from 01 /2007 no longer Cadre ), Matt pine ( Purdue Boilermakers / NCAA), AJ Moye ( Keflavík IF / ISL), Ray Nixon (Wisconsin Badgers / NCAA), Jay Thomas (Bayern Munich ), Dubravko Zemljic (from 10/2006, OPZ Khimi Yushny / UKR - from 11/2006 is no longer in the squad ), Kevin Melson (from 11/2006, La Vega Marcelino / DOM), Tony Stockman (from 01 /2007, Hapoel Galil Elyon / ISR - from 01 /2007 is no longer in the squad ), Waitari Marsh (from 01 /2007, Hamedan Pegah / IRI)

Departures: Hurl Beechum ( Grupo Capitol Valladolid / ESP ), Travarus Bennett (Vermont Frost Heaves / ABA ), Tim Burnette (destination unknown), Felix Czerny (natural gas Ehingen / Urspringschule ) Jüfan Geiger (TV Constance), Andreas Hornig (BG Karlsruhe ), Max Koch villages (SV 03 Tübingen), Bingo Merriex ( Dexia Mons-Hainaut/BEL ), Ron Selleaze ( Lobos Grises de la UAD Durango / MEX), Steffen Weng (SV 03 Tübingen), Antwine Williams (destination unknown), Tai Crutchfield (from 10/2006, target unknown), Dubravko Zemljic (from 11/2006, target unknown), Johnny Gray ( as of 01/ 2007 destination unknown), Tony Stockman (from 01 /2007, target unknown)

Best Players



Arrivals: Louis Campbell ( EWE Baskets Oldenburg), Vaughn Duggins ( Wright State University / USA), Adnan Hodzic ( Lipscomb University / USA ), Tyrone Nash ( University of Notre Dame / USA), Velimir Radinović (Central German BC - from 11/2011 no longer in the squad ), Reggie Redding ( Intercollege Etha Entomis / CYP), Josh Young ( Bayer Giants Leverkusen), Pavelas Cukinas (from 11/2011, Aisčiai Kaunas)

Departures: Clifford Crawford (destination unknown ), Johannes Herber ( Skyliners Frankfurt), Anatoly Kashirov (BK Spartak St. Petersburg / RUS), Mladen Lukić ( BBC Monthey / SUI), Radovan Marković (KK Vojvodina Novi Sad / SRB ), Chris Oliver ( Strasbourg IG / FRA ), Branislav Ratkovica ( Aliaga Petkim / TUR), Jay Thomas (BIS Baskets Speyer ), Dane Watts ( ratiopharm Ulm), Kenny Williams (destination unknown), Velimir Radinović (from 11/2011, target unknown)

Best Players



Arrivals: Mahir Agva ( own youth ), Douglas Davis ( Princeton Tigers / USA - from 11/2012 is no longer in the squad ), Kenny Frease ( Xavier University / USA ), Stoimir Ivandic (SV 03 Tübingen ), Johannes Lischka (EnBW Ludwigsburg ) Robert Oehle ( LTi Giessen 46ers ), Cameron Wells ( from 11 /2012, Landstede Zwolle / NED)

Departures: Louis Campbell ( Strasbourg IG / FRA ), Pavelas Cukinas ( Pallacanestro Cantu / ITA ), Adnan Hodzic ( BBC Monthey / SUI), Nicolai Simon ( BBC Bayreuth), Akeem Vargas (BG Göttingen), Douglas Davis ( from 11/2012, destination unknown)

Best Players

Well-known and important former players

  • Germany Martin sound ( 1990-99 )
  • Germany Matthias Vohrer
  • Germany / Czech Republic Gerald Dietl ( 1992-00 )
  • Germany Pascal Roller ( 1994-96 )
  • Germany Claus Sieghörtner ( 1996-03 )
  • Germany Robert Winter Coat ( 2002-07 )
  • Germany Tim Nees (2004-05 )
  • Germany / United States Hurl Beechum (2006)
  • Germany / United States Jay Thomas ( 2006-11 )
  • Germany Johannes Herber ( 2010-11 )
  • Italy / United States Sean Schiano ( 1992-93, 2000-02, 2003-04 )
  • Canada Jermaine Anderson ( 2007-09 )
  • Romania novel Opsitaru ( 1989-92 )
  • Serbia Raško Katić ( 2005-09 )
  • Serbia Branislav Ratkovica ( 2008-11 )
  • Serbia Igor Perovic ( 2005-08 )
  • United States DeJuan Collins ( 2000-02 )
  • United States Brian Jones ( 2003-05 )
  • United States Kevin Burleson (2004-05 )
  • United States Bingo Merriex (2005-06, 2007-08 )
  • United States AJ Moye ( 2006-09 )
  • United States Vaughn Duggins ( 2011-13 )
  • United States Reggie Redding ( 2011-13 )


  • Germany Georg Fighting (1991-1993)
  • Germany Volker Stark (1993-1996)
  • Takis Genikomsidis Germany (1996-1999)
  • Germany Uwe Sauer ( 1999-06/2003 )
  • Germany Georg Fighting ( 07/2003-06/2004 )
  • United States Pat Elzie ( 07/2004-01/2006 )
  • United States Aaron McCarthy ( 01/2006-12/2007 )
  • Turkey Tolga Öngören ( 01/2008-05/2009 )
  • Serbia Igor Perovic (since 05 /2009)


  • Germany Harald Prince ( 07/2002-05/2007 )
  • Germany Christian Roth ( 05/2007-08/2008 )
  • Germany Robert Winter Coat (since 08 /2008)

Club Culture


The tiger Walter 2004 is now the mascot of WALTER Tigers. He cares primarily at the home games for the Tigers and mood for Kurzweiligkeit in breaks and time-outs. In the Mascot World Cup by Stefan Raab's TV Total on 1 June 2006, took part in the mascot of different sports, he managed the Tigers to reach the third place. Inspired by the SV 03 Tübingen Tiger wears the number 03

Fan clubs

WALTER Tigers have two official fan club: The Neckar Tigers support the team since 2002, the Tuefosi10 are an official fan club since 2010.


TigersTV is a video format that is produced to the home games of WALTER Tigers and can be seen on Beko - BBL.tv. There summaries of games, interviews, press conferences and other background reports or reports are to be seen.

Rivalry with Ulm

Their origins, the rivalry between Ratiopharm Ulm and WALTER Tigers in the 2003/04 season, when both teams were still as SSV Ulm and Tübingen SV played 03 in the 2nd league and fighting for the climb. In the first round to Tübingen could then prevail in Ulm after double extension. In the return match in Ulm the game went into overtime and at the end was the winner again Tübingen. Thus the rise of the Tübingen was virtually certain and the sparrows had to wait two years until they also managed to move up to the BBL.

Since then, the Derby of about 70 km as the crow away team is one of the absolute highlights of each BBL season and has not lost a bit of explosiveness. Since the rise of Ulm in 2006 succeeded the Tübingen only four of 14 derbies to win. The last victory against Ulm was on February 26, 2011.