2008 WNBA season

The 2008 season is the twelfth regular season of the Women's National Basketball Association ( WNBA). The regular season began on May 17, 2008 and ended on 15 September 2008. Three days later, launched the WNBA playoffs, which ended on October 5, 2008, the WNBA Finals and the victory of the Detroit Shock.

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  • On 17 October 2007 gave Donna Orender, President of the WNBA, announced that with the Atlanta Dream, a new franchise in Atlanta is to be built that are already playing this season in the WNBA.
  • The WNBA Draft was held in Tampa, Florida on April 9. As a first pick, the Los Angeles Sparks moved, Candace Parker of the University of Tennessee.
  • The regular season began on 17 May 2007 with the match between the reigning champion, the Phoenix Mercury and Los Angeles Sparks.
  • This season, no WNBA All-Star Game took place because of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
  • Candace Parker is the second player in the history of the WNBA, which took a dunking.
  • In the game between the Los Angeles Sparks and Detroit Shock, there was a scuffle between the players.
  • In Arthur Ashe Stadium, it was the first professional outdoor basketball game in the WNBA. For game between the New York Liberty and the Indiana Fever came over 19,000 people.
  • Hall -of- Famer Nancy Lieberman signed despite their ages of 50 years, a contract with the Detroit Shock for a game. In this game, they played for a total of nine minutes in which they scored two assists.
  • The expansion franchise Atlanta Dream lost all of their first 17 games and thus set a new negative record in the WNBA on.
  • The future of the Houston Comets is uncertain since they were released for sale.
  • This season, the first time the defending champions failed to qualify for the playoffs with the Phoenix Mercury.
  • On 5 October, the Detroit Shock have won just three games in the finals, their third championship in the last six years.


Before the WNBA Draft 2008 expansion draft for the Atlanta Dream took place. The twelfth WNBA Draft was held on April 9, 2008. The selection order is set in a lottery on October 23, 2007. This won the Los Angeles Sparks in front of the Chicago Sky.

As a first pick the Sparks attracted the U.S. Candace Parker. Then Chicago started off in second place Sylvia Fowles. Overall, the 14 franchises secured the rights to 43 players. The lion's share with 41 players represented the United States.

Top 5 picks

Abbreviations: Pos = Position G = Guard, F = Forward, C = Center

Contracts, transfers and exchange


Due to the expansion draft of the Atlanta Dream came on February 6, the first substitution. For the first right transfer occurred on the same day, as the legend LaToya Thomas and a second-round pick ( 18th overall pick ) transferred for Ivory Latta to the Detroit Shock. The Dream completed on that day two more transfers. On February 19, star players were involved in a change for the first time. The Minnesota Lynx took FreeAgent Anna DeForge under contract. In addition, the Seattle Storm for a first-round pick ( fourth overall pick ) Swin Cash received from the Detriot Shock. The Connecticut Sun transferred Katie Douglas of the Indiana Fever and received in return Tamika Whitmore and a first-round pick ( 12th overall pick ) and the Rechta to Jessica Foley. Already signed on March 3 with free agent Sheryl Swoopes, the next star of the Seattle Storm a contract. Thus, the Storm were already for many of the big favorite in the fight for the championship. On April 8, the Storm for the next surprise as Yolanda Griffith attended signed a contract with them. This was the entire starting lineup of the Storm from players who have already participated in an All- Star game several times. On April 22, it was already the last transfer before the season starts at a known player was involved. The Los Angeles Sparks transferred Taj McWilliams - Franklin and a first-round pick for Delisha Milton -Jones to the Washington Mystics. On 24 July, the Detroit Shock took the 50 -year-old Nancy Lieberman for a week under contract. They came in the game against the Houston Comets used. Lieberman recorded two assists and two turnovers. The Shock won the game 79-61 at the end. So Lieberman is the oldest player who has ever contested a WNBA game. On July 25, her contract was terminated with the shock again. Kristen O'Neill caused a stir when it was taken four times of the Storm for one week under contract. Through her indomitable will to make the leap into the WNBA she gained great popularity among fans of the Storm. On September 12, she was finally taken by the Storm for the entire remainder of the season under contract.


On 27 September 2007 Ann Meyers - Drysdale announced, general manager of the Phoenix Mercury, that the contract with head coach Paul Westhead was extended. Wayne Rollins, took over on 1 June 2007 the post as interim coach with the Washington Mystics, was officially appointed head coach of the Mystics for this season. Furthermore, the Atlanta Dream Marynell Meadors appointed the first head coach and general manager of franchise history. On October 26, the Indiana Fever announced that they will not renew the contract with ihrenm previous head coach Brian Winters. Although Anne Donovan for this season still had a contract with the Seattle Storm, she resigned her position as head coach of the Storm. The Fever have already found a replacement for early winter under presented on December 12, Lin Dunn as the new head coach of the team.

Regular Season

Statements Tables

Notes: = playoff qualification, = Conference Winner

WNBA All-Star Game

Due to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing no All-Star Game took place this season.


Playoff Tree

Conference Semifinals ( Round 1 )

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Conference Finals ( Round 2)

Eastern Conference

The Detroit Shock and New York Liberty fought a long and hard fight for a place in the finals. All three games were decided in the last quarter. In the first game, the Liberty were after the end of the third quarter with six points back. The Liberty was a good start in the last quarter, where they scored nine of the first eleven points, soon take the lead, which they no longer charges to the end of the Shock. In the second game, it was the shock that after a seven- point deficit after three quarters of the game, nor could decide for themselves. The Shock scored in this game, ten of the first thirteen points in the last quarter - eight of them scored points Deanna Nolan. In the last and decisive game, the Shock were able to save their scarce five point lead after three quarters even over the entire distance. The Liberty arrived in the meantime, although to within two points of the Shock zoom, but it's really the final score was no longer to bring to the brink of defeat, the Shock.

Western Conference

The San Antonio Silver Stars were after 2007 for the second consecutive year in the Western Conference Finals, where they faced the Los Angeles Sparks. In the first game, the Silver Stars were defeated despite clear at the end of a nine -point lead after the first quarter the Sparks Lisa Leslie and outstanding. Quite different was the second game of this series, that was decided in the final seconds. After the Sparks a half minutes before the end looked with a four- point lead after the winners, the Silver Stars went through a 3- point shot by Becky Hammon and two converted free throws by Sophia Young eleven seconds from the end with a dot in the lead. Delisha Milton -Jones brought a second before the end of the Sparks with a layup shot back in the lead, but Young was able to turn to the final siren her litter, which meant victory for the Silver Stars. Also in the last game of this series were the Silver Stars back shortly before the end. However, the Silver Stars were by nine points in a row in the final two minutes but still secure the victory and their first entry into the finals.

Finals ( Round 3 )

Finals MVP Katie Smith led the Shock to their second title in three seasons. Smith scored in the Finals average of 21.7 points per game, also it was in the first two games over the full distance on the field. The Silver Stars were usually matched only in isolated areas with the Shock, over a total distance they had no chance in all three games.

Game 1

  • # 22 Courteau
  • # 38 Simpson
  • # 42 Gulbeyan

The Detroit Shock able to win the first game of this series against the best team in the regular season the San Antonio Silver Stars for itself. The game was already decided after the second quarter by the Shock the Silver Stars played 27:14 against the wall. The two Shock players Deanna Nolan and Katie Smith played the entire distance of the game. Most outstanding player in the first encounter was Katie Smith, who scored 25 points and 9 rebounds.

Game 2

  • # 9 Brooks - Clauser
  • # 18 Walker
  • # 55 Brewton

This encounter was probably the closest in this short series. After three-quarters of the Silver Stars were back only 3 points. However, the second game was in San Antonio at the Shock. The order could decide both away games for themselves. Katie Smith was the key to victory for the Shock in this encounter. She also played in this game over the full distance in which they scored 22 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds.

Game 3

  • # 7 Stevens
  • # 22 Courteau
  • # 39 Price

The Detroit Shock could decide the third meeting in a row for themselves. This allowed them to decide for two titles in the last 3 seasons. The Silver Stars were able to keep some time with the Shock. After 29 seconds in the last quarter of the Silver Stars were only 2 points back after a jump shot by Sophia Young. Even then, the Shock scored 12 points in a row, including Katie Smith scored 8 The Silver Stars were then no longer at the Shock approach, which meant the victory of the game and the series.

WNBA champion team

Guards: Alexis Hornbuckle, Elaine Powell, Ashley Shields

Guards -Forwards: Deanna Nolan, Sheri Sam

Forwards: Cheryl Ford, Katie Smith

Forward - center Kara Braxton, Taj McWilliams - Franklin, Plenette Pierson

Center: Olayinka Sanni, Kelly Schumacher

Head Coach: Bill Laimbeer General Manager: Bill Laimbeer

WNBA awards and award trophies

All- WNBA teams

  • First team
  • Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks
  • Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
  • Lindsay Whalen Connecticut Sun
  • Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
  • Sophia Young, San Antonio Silver Stars
  • Second team
  • Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
  • Becky Hammon, San Antonio Silver Stars
  • Asjha Jones, Connecticut Sun
  • Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock
  • Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm

All- Rookie Team

  • Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks
  • Candice Wiggins, Minnesota Lynx
  • Sylvia Fowles, Chicago Sky
  • Nicky Anosike, Minnesota Lynx
  • Matee Ajavon, Houston Comets
  • Amber Holt, Connecticut Sun

All-Defensive Team

  • Second team
  • Sylvia Fowles, Chicago Sky
  • Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock
  • Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
  • Rebekkah Brunson, Sacramento Monarchs
  • Katie Smith, Detroit Shock