Chevrolet Aveo (T200)

Daewoo Kalos (2002-2005)

The Chevrolet Kalos is a passenger car of the Korean automaker GM Daewoo ( Chevrolet ). The Kalos was first offered in 2002 and 2005 as Daewoo Daewoo Kalos. In addition, there was the model as Daewoo Gentra and Holden Barina in Australia. He was sold as a Pontiac G3 and in Canada as Pontiac Wave in the United States. Also in Canada, he was offered as a Suzuki Swift . After renaming all Daewoo models for the brand name Chevrolet Daewoo Kalos was in February 2005 for the Chevrolet Kalos. 2007, there was a facelift model that was also offered starting in 2008 as a compact sedan model as Chevrolet Aveo. 2011 production ended. The name Kalos is the Greek origin and means as much as " The Beautiful ".

It is attributed to the small car class and offered with two different four-cylinder engines than 1.2 with 53 kw and 1.4 with 69 kW - whereby these names to the displacement in liters. As trim levels, there are LX and SX models. Addition was officially offered in 2005, the uprated by the Swiss compressor specialists delta motor 96 kW Kalos Sprint. Designed by the Italian designer Giorgio Giugiaro Kalos is offered as a three - and five-door hatchback.

As of 2005, the previously reserved for other markets notchback version was sold in Germany, their distribution was discontinued after a short time due to lack of demand again.

The trunk of the Kalos holds 220 liters and can be expanded by folding down the rear seat backs to 980 liters. The notchback variant holds 375 liters. In the U.S., hatchback and sedan were called since 2005 "Chevrolet Aveo ".

2006, a new notchback sedan was introduced. This was marketed in Germany under the name Chevrolet Aveo as a separate model and not as " Kalos " version (from 2008 then were all called Aveo ). As before, one can not distinguish the saloon of the American versions.


Chevrolet Kalos offered from the factory with an LPG system. The gas tank was (Liquified Petroleum Gas) installed in place of the spare wheel in the spare wheel well with a capacity of 47 liters of LPG. The range of the vehicle is thus extended by up to 500 km.

Rear of the Chevrolet Kalos three-door

Chevrolet Kalos five-door (2005-2007)

Chevrolet Kalos Saloon (2005-2006)

Suzuki Swift * (2004-2007)

Suzuki Swift * (2007-2011)

Pontiac Wave (2005-2007)

Pontiac Wave (2008-2009)