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Ixtapaluca is a company founded in 1820, the municipality in the Mexican state of México. It belongs to the Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México, the metropolitan region around Mexico City, and has an area of ​​328.1 km ². The seat of the 467 361 inhabitants (2010) Municipalities is the city Ixtapaluca, which is also the largest city in the municipios. Other major cities include San Buenaventura, San Jerónimo Cuatro Vientos, San Francisco and Jorge Jiménez Cantú Acuautla.


The name comes from the Nahuatl Ixtapaluca: iztapalli refers to salts and Locan means "place, location ", roughly " place where salt is ". The original name was Iztapayucan.


Ixtapaluca is located in the southeast of the state Méxixo, about 30 km southeast of Mexico City.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Ixtapaluca Texcoco, Chicoloapan, Tlalmanalco, Chalco, Valle de Chalco Solidaridad and La Paz, as well as to the state of Puebla.


The main attraction of the Municipalities is the Aztec ruins Acozac. From the largely disappeared Tlapacoya site of some clay figures, their faces and body treatment may betray Olmec influences and their age is estimated at about 1500 BC date. In 1987, another archaeological site was discovered in Tlalpizáhuac, but this was not explored in more detail.