19.273888888889 - 99.460555555556Koordinaten: 19 ° 16 ' N, 99 ° 28 ' W

Ocoyoacac is a municipality in the Mexican state of México. It belongs to the Zona Metropolitana del Valle de Toluca, the metropolitan region to Toluca. Administrative headquarters of Municipalities and its largest city is the same Ocoyoacac.

The municipality had in the year 2010 61.805 inhabitants, its surface area is 136.5 km ². In the field Ocoyoacacs are parts of the National Park Insurgent Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (also called La Marquesa ).


The municipality Ocoyoacac located in the western part of the State of Mexico, at an altitude of up to 2850m. About 46 % of the area of the municipios are used for agriculture, especially for growing corn; well 40 % is forested.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Lerma, Huixquilucan Xalatlaco, Tianguistenco and Capulhuac as well as the Federal District, Mexico City.


The municipality comprises Ocoyoacac 35 places from which five have at least 2,500 inhabitants, a further eleven places have at least 500 residents. The main towns of the municipios are Ocoyoacac, San Pedro Cholula, San Jerónimo Acazulco, El Pedregal de Guadalupe Hidalgo and San Pedro Atlapulco.