18.95 - 99.5Koordinaten: 18 ° 57 'N, 99 ° 30 ' W

Malinalco is a municipality in the Mexican state of México. The community had in 2010 25.624 inhabitants, its surface area is 205.8 km ².

Administrative seat and largest of more than 40 places of Municipalities is the same Malinalco. Other major places in the municipality are San Simón El Alto, and San Andrés Nicolás Bravo Chalma.

Characteristic of the municipality is its high biodiversity.


Malinalco located in the south of the state of Mexico, about 50 km southeast of Toluca de Lerdo.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Malinalco Tenancingo, Joquicingo, Ocuilan, Zumpahuacán and Tenancingo as well as to the state of Morelos.