19.561111111111 - 98.858055555556Koordinaten: 19 ° 33 ' 40 "N, 98 ° 51' 29" W

Papalotla is a municipality in the Mexican state of México. It belongs to the Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México, the metropolitan region around Mexico City.

The community had in 2010 4.147 inhabitants, its surface area is 3.18 km ². The thus smallest area of ​​the municipality of the state includes, according to INEGI statistics 2010, two locations: the main village and the hamlet Papalotla Mazatla.

The name comes from the Nahuatl Papalotla: Papalotl means " butterfly " and tlan means "place ", Papalotla So something like " place of Butterflies".


Papalotla located in the northeast of the State of Mexico, about 30 km northeast of Mexico City on 2260 m height.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Papalotla Chiautla, Tepetlaoxtoc and Texcoco.