19.75 - 99.175Koordinaten: 19 ° 45 '0 "N, 99 ° 10' 30 " W

Teoloyucan is a municipality in the Mexican state of México. It belongs to the Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México, the metropolitan region around Mexico City. The seat of the municipality is the same Teoloyucan. The community had in 2010 63.115 inhabitants, its surface area is 53.8 km ².


Teoloyucan located in the north of the State of Mexico, about 25 km north of Mexico City at about 2250 m altitude. More than 70 % of the municipality to serve the agriculture.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Teoloyucan Coyotepec, Zumpango, Nextlalpan, Melchor Ocampo, Cuautitlán Cuautitlán Izcalli and Tepotzotlán.


The municipality Teoloyucan includes six places with total 14,467 households. With 51 255 inhabitants, by far the largest city is the capital Teoloyucan. The towns of San Bartolo, Colonia Santo Tomás and San Sebastián also have more than 1,000 inhabitants, the number of inhabitants of El Ramal and Santa María Caliacac are about 500