18.833333333333 - 100Koordinaten: 18 ° 50 'N, 100 ° 0' W

Sultepec is a municipality in the Mexican state of México. The municipality has an area of ​​565.9 km ² and according to census 2010, a population of 25.809. Administrative seat and largest town of the municipios de Pedro Ascencio de Sultepec is Alquisiras ( 3,595 inhabitants). Other cities with more than a thousand inhabitants are Santa Cruz, Sultepequito and Capula.


Sultepec located in the southwest of the State of Mexico, about 75 km south-west of Toluca de Lerdo. The municipality - located in the Depresión del Balsas - includes 80 villages and mountains with heights of up to 2,430 meters. More than half of the municipios covered by different forest types.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Sultepec Almoloya de Alquisiras, Tejupilco, Texcaltitlán, and Amatepec, as well as to the municipios Teloloapan and Pedro Ascencio Alquisiras in the state of Guerrero.