19.283333333333 - 99.683333333333Koordinaten: 19 ° 17 ' N, 99 ° 41 ' W

Xalatlaco is a municipality in the Mexican state of México. The community had in 2010 26.865 inhabitants, its surface area is 117.1 km ².

Administrative seat and largest of the 19 places of Municipalities is the same Xalatlaco. Other cities with at least 1,000 inhabitants are Mezapa la Fábrica, El Águila, San Juan Tomasquillo Herradura, Techichili and Morelos.


Xalatlaco lies to the east of the western part of the State of Mexico between 2600 m and 3800 m altitude in a marked craters of inactive volcanoes region of the Valley of Mexico, about 32 km south-east of Toluca de Lerdo. The approximately 40 % of the municipality to serve the farming or forested.

The municipality borders the Municipalities Xalatlaco Tianguistenco and Ocoyoacac as well as to the state of Morelos and the Federal District, Mexico City.