Makatea, old name Aurora, is a coral island, an upscale Atoll, in the northwest of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Makatea says on Polynesian " white stone ", after the uplift process at the outcropping limestone. The island is located south of the Palliser Islands, its area is 24 km ². The highest point is Mont Puutiare with 110 meters in the north of the island. The Mont Aetia in the West, the second- highest peak, reaches 90 meters.

At the 2007 census Makatea had 61 inhabitants, the capital is the village Moumu on the east coast. Vaitepaua is a ghost town, with a nearby, abandoned harbor Temao from the time of phosphate mining ( 1917-1964 ). Makatea is next to Nauru and Banaba, one of the richest phosphate islands of the Pacific.

The island is a part of municipality ( commune associée ) of the municipality of Rangiroa, which includes three other atolls. The residents live far from the subsistence level, from Kopraanbau, fishing and trade in coconut crab crab on a small scale.

The island was discovered in 1722 by the Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen. He gave her the name " Eiland van verkwikking " (Island of refreshing ) because he supplied there with fresh herbs that benefited his patients suffering from scurvy crew.