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Tatakoto (also Takoto, old name: Clerke Iceland ) is an atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is relatively isolated in the eastern part of the archipelago, 1182 km northeast of Tahiti and 170 km north- west of Pukarua.

Tatakoto is also a church that does not include other islands. The INSEE code of the municipality is 98737th The postal code is 98783rd

The atoll has an east-west elongated form, with a length of 14 km and a maximum width of 3.5 km. The land area is 7.3 km ². The north side consists of a large, wooded Motu. The south side consists of 65 small motus ( islands on the Riffkranz ) and HOAs ( passages ). There is no deep passage to 20 km ² large internal lagoon.

The atoll had 2007 227 inhabitants in the census year. The village Tumukuru lies at the western end of the atoll, where also a small airfield ( IATA code TKV). At the beginning of the 20th century the Frenchman Albert Javelot has the planting of coconut trees that now cover the entire atoll. The economically most important activity is the Kopragewinnung.

Tatakoto was discovered in 1774 by Spanish sailors Domingo de Boenechea and José de Andía y Varela. They landed on the feast of Saint Narcissus. Therefore, it was formerly the atoll also " San Narciso ", " Narcisse " and " Augier " called.