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Manuhangi or Te Fara is an atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. The atoll is located 68 km away from the atoll Paraoa southeast of the atoll Nengonengo and 52 km to the west. The oval-shaped atoll reached an extent of 5.4 times length of 3.6 km width. The up to 20 m deep lagoon of the atoll has no navigable access to the sea. Administratively Manuhangi belongs to the municipality Hao.


The indigenous people who Paumotu, gave the atoll the name manu hagi which translates as the " Lovely bird " means.

The first Europeans entered the island was Samuel Wallis in 1767, he gave the atoll the name Cumberland.

Nevertheless, there are houses on the island and an infrastructure it is only occasionally lives. On the atoll tahaitianische the black pearl is grown.

The atoll is currently privately owned.

Flora and Fauna

Manuhangi is a protected area with many species of birds. Parts of the island are covered with coconut trees, Miki- miki and Fara. Besides the numerous birds, there is still a significant population of coconut crabs.