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Ahunui is an atoll in the southern Pacific Ocean and part of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. Administratively, the atoll belongs to the municipality Hao.

The atoll has a diameter of 6 km and its land area is 5.7 km ². The climate is tropical Ahunui.


Ahunui was discovered by the British in 1826 Frederick William Beechey, who gave him the name Byam Martin. In addition, also known as Ahunui Cockburn.

The lagoon of the atoll is completely enclosed by land so that they can not be driven from the sea by vessels. However, there is a boat dock in the northwest of the atoll along with cabins and a fresh water tank. The island is not permanently inhabited.

On the atoll of growing coconut trees, it also provides a habitat for various bird species. In the water at the Atoll called Pee pearl oyster ( Pinctada maculata ) occurs.