Torno, Lombardy

Torno is a town on Lake Como with 1195 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Province of Como in Lombardy.

The neighboring municipalities: Blevio, Carate Urio, Como, Faggeto Lario, Moltrasio and Tavernerio.

About 15 kilometers from Como lived here for centuries draper and silk weavers. Today, the residents in the nearby Como or the city of Milan to work. Well-known names from Torno are Grasselli, Maggi, Sala, Ruspini and others who emigrated to the whole world in the nineteenth century. An obvious Etruscan settlement and the Villa Pliniana are places worth visiting.


  • Egidio Ruspini, Hauptman, patriot, Garibaldi
  • Ardoino Erminio Ruspini, Garibaldi
  • Aldo Ruspini, Garibaldi
  • Leopoldo Ruspini, Patriot


  • Parish Church of Santa Tecla with marble portal (1480 )
  • Church of San Giovanni Battista del Chiodo (XIV century), with frescoes and marble portal of Brothers Rodari from Maroggia
  • Oratory of Santa Elisabetta in the district Montepiatto
  • Villa Plinianina
  • Villa Pliniana
  • Villa Tanzi Taverna
  • Various Steingräber
  • Erratic rubble " Pietra pendula ", " Roccia di San Carlo Borromeo "