Vado Ligure

Vado Ligure ( Ligurian ( Romance) Voæ, called in the local dialect Vue, in Roman antiquity Vada Sabatia ) is a town, port and industrial city on the Ligurian Sea with 8208 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It belongs to the Italian province of Savona in Liguria.

The neighboring municipalities are Bergeggi, Quiliano, Savona, Spotorno and Vezzi cervix.

The distance to the north-eastern Savona is about 7 kilometers to Genoa, the provincial capital of Liguria are located further to the east it is about 55 kilometers (each road kilometers ).


Vado Ligure is a major port and industrial town on the Ligurian coast.


The Port of Vado Ligure is managed by the Port Authority of Savona, which is responsible for all port facilities between Albissola Marina and Bergeggi.

Vado Ligure is the largest fruit terminal on the Mediterranean (2004: 500,000 tonnes cargo handling ), further container and ro-ro freight handled (2004: 800,000 tonnes). In the bulk of investors Terminal Rinfuse Italia coal is mainly discharged. Vado Ligure is next to the most important oil port of Trieste in Italy. The ships can be unloaded at three investors as well as in a buoy field.

In the Ferry Terminal Forship the ships dock to Corsica and Sardinia from (2004: 350,000 passengers). Corsica Ferries has also settled here and has built up a terminal.

In the near future, the port will be modernized. There are plans to build a 250,000 square meter multi-function platform into the sea. It is mainly used to handling containers and replace the existing bulk and oil investors. The plant would have a construction period of four years .. For environmental circles stirs resistance because the dust in the settlements would be increased by the new terminal.

Thermal power plant

In the sixties, Enel began the construction of a thermal power plant, which started operations in 1970-71. The four blocks with the two hundred meter high chimneys could either be fired with heavy oil or coal, and had a combined installed capacity of 1320 MW. From 1997 to 1999, the blocks " 3" and " 4" were equipped for environmental reasons with flue gas desulphurisation, denitrification and electrostatic precipitator.

The power plant was taken over in 2002 by Tirreno Power - a company that has emerged due to the restrictions imposed by the EU liberalization of the Italian electricity market.

As of 2005, the conversion of Units 1 and 2 began to natural gas-fired gas turbine blocks to be operated together with the existing coal blocks as combined cycle power plant. The first gas turbine block was 2007 again. If the conversion of the whole power plant is completed, it will have a capacity of 1420 MW.


Westinghouse opened in 1905 a factory for the production of electric locomotives in Vado Ligure. 1919, the work of Tecnomasio Italia Brown Boveri was taken - a company that, Boveri & Cie Group belonged to the Swiss Brown. Following the merger of Brown, Boveri & Cie with Asea 1988 and the folding of the railway division of AEG, the work was to ABB Daimler -Benz Transportation Adtranz Italy, which passed as the other activities of Adtranz in 2001 to the Canadian Bombardier Transportation. The locomotive factory mainly manufactures locomotives the construction E.464 for Trenitalia and Traxx locomotives.