BMW 4 Series

BMW 420d Coupe

The BMW is a 4- middle-class associated vehicle manufacturer BMW, which has been available since October 5, 2013 as a coupe ( F32). The car was unveiled in Munich beginning in December 2012 and presented at the January 14, 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show the public.

The convertible version is provided with a retractable roof ( F33 ) was launched on March 8, 2014, to the market. The 4- Coupé-Cabriolet is available as 428i, 428i xDrive and 435i with petrol engines as well as a 420d with a diesel engine available. Prices start at 48.200, - EUR in the basic version.

Model history

The 4- replaced the Coupe and the Convertible in the 3 Series and is the successor of the BMW E92.

For the summer of 2014 also the M4 sports coupe with 317 kW ( 431 hp) is planned, as well as the four-door BMW Gran Coupe 4- ( F36 ).



Two gasoline engines in the 428i with 180 kW (245 hp) and the 435i with 225 kW (306 hp) and one diesel engine in the 420d with 135 kW ( 184 hp ) are planned for the start of production.

As of November 2013, the offer to another petrol engine in the 420i with 135 kW (184 hp) and two diesel engines in the 430d with 190 kW (258 hp) and the 435d with 230 kW is expanded (313 hp). These motors are also used in the models of the BMW F30 used.


  • Values ​​in [] brackets are for the automatic.
  • Values ​​in () parenthesis refer to the variant with xDrive.


  • Values ​​in [] brackets are for the automatic.
  • Values ​​in () parenthesis refer xDrive.


Rear view

Trunk with the top down

Cockpit view