BMW 7 Series (E65)

BMW 7 Series (2001-2005 )

The Series E65 is the designation for the fourth -generation 7 - series of car manufacturer BMW, which was built by the fall of 2001 until late summer 2008. It replaced the E38 series from.

With the E65, the iDrive control concept was first introduced. The vehicle is assigned to the upper class. The long version is called E66, the special protection the designation E67, while the variant with hydrogen drive is referred to as E68 (see also BMW Hydrogen 7).

In October 2008, the successor to the F01 was presented.

Model history


In late summer 2001, the new 7-series ( E65 ) was presented. The design broke with the conservative line of its predecessor E38 and has been controversial. Especially the front end and the striking rear cover were representative of the new design line under the former design chief Chris Bangle.

For the launch in November 2001, only the models 735i and 745i were available. In April 2002, the long-wheelbase 735Li and 745Li published. A few months later, the range was 730d and 740d supplemented by the diesel variants. The models with an extended wheelbase by 140 millimeters bear its own series designation ( E66 ) and arrived in April 2002 to market.

In spring 2003, the engine range with the models 730i and 760i was rounded up and down, both released at the same time as a long-wheelbase version. The twelve-cylinder model has four valves per cylinder and direct injection, which was first combined with the fully variable valve control Valvetronic. The diesel models 730d and 740d have common rail injection of the second generation.

For September 2005 BMW increased the performance of the 745d to 242 kW ( 329 hp), maximum torque 750 Nm at (previously 700 Nm). Buyers who even with 220 kW ( 299 hp ) had acquired power the 4.4-liter diesel engine that can increase (329 hp) to 242 kW power via software update. At the same time the first 7 Series long version was launched with diesel engine as 730Ld. The diesel models 730d and 745d have common-rail technology of the third generation. The 745d has a twin-turbocharged, in the 730d only one turbocharger is employed.


BMW 760Li (2003-2005)


A major facelift in April 2005.

While the 7 Series was also already well received abroad (for example in the USA, Russia, Asia and the Arab world ), but most Europeans was the design to extrovert. The conflicting design required therefore profound changes. In the planned upcoming product refresh ( in BMW lingo " LCI " ( Lifecycle Impulse) called ) in the middle of the life cycle of the model of the car got a distinctly different appearance.

The front was a whole round. One enlarged kidneys and broadened the chrome frame. The headlights were serially converted to xenon, are flat, got a more fluid form and the so-called " eye bags " disappeared to give a friendlier image to the front. The bonnet has been declining since the revision fluently in headlights and kidneys.

At the rear is clad the often criticized trunk plateau by integrated the trunk lid using common tail lights and a horizontal chrome strip to the rest of the tail. The rear light clusters were given a new design with LED technology. The rear bumper has been modified. The redesigned rear now looks noticeably wider. In addition, every 7 Series model now got chrome trim on the bumpers, which was previously reserved for the long-wheelbase versions (not applicable for the special equipment " Shadow-Line ").

Interior was revised and simplified the innovative but strong standing in the criticism due to its complexity iDrive operating concept. In addition, new colors ( Barbera Red Metallic, Michiganblau Metallic, Monaco Blue Metallic, Deep Green Metallic) and aluminum wheels were available (17 to 21 inches ). All engine variants with the exception of the 760i have been revised. The separation of the model by the F01 internally designated place on 15 November 2008.

A special feature ( disadvantage ) had also brought with it the facelift. If a lamp is the parking light is defective, it must be disassembled for replacement of this extra entire front bumper. Thus, one can not even just stop at the gas station and replace the bulb.

Rear view

BMW 760Li (2005-2008 )

Motors ( 11.2001 to 04.2005 )

Motors ( 04.2005 to 09.2008 )

Alpina B7


  • The headlights of the U.S. version are different to the European version by the so-called "amber corners", the yellow glazing of the turn signal elements that are required by law in the United States.
  • With the appearance of the E65, the order of the letters for the long versions of 7xxiL was changed back to 7xxLi as it had been introduced at E3 series.
  • The E65 was the world's first car with a standard six-speed automatic transmission, which is operated by a lever on the steering wheel.
  • Since model year 2003, the adaptive curve light was available as optional equipment.