Canada men's national ice hockey team

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The Canadian national ice hockey team of the men belonged to the Canadian Hockey Association "Hockey Canada". Here, the "Team Canada" includes both the men's, as well as the women of the best hockey teams in international competition. The men won four of five Canada Cups 1976-1991, eight times the gold medal at the Olympic Games and a total of 24 times world champion. Currently occupied the men's team to fifth place in the IIHF World Ranking.


Canada is considered the "mother country" of hockey and it happens that the "Team Canada" for a long time dominated the international ice hockey. By the participation of the Soviet Union in the international tournaments Canada was considered best hockey nation in the world.

Up to and including 1963, at the World Championships and Olympic Games, the Canadian Amateur champion each part. This team made ​​it to the 1950's to dominate the international ice hockey and bring six ( of seven possible ) Olympic gold medals and 13 world championships in that time.

Only 1954-1991, as the Soviet, Czechoslovak, and Swedish teams dominated the Canadians could only win four world championships and win any Olympic medal. This reason was that the best Canadian players in these tournaments did not participate because they had obligations in the NHL and there were not allowed until 1977.


International results

Team Canada at the Spengler Cup

The Spengler Cup was won in 1984, 1986, 1987, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2012 by Team Canada.

Under the name Team Canada since 1984 occurs each at the Spengler Cup ice hockey team with players at a Canadian origin. These are during the regular operation mostly at European clubs under contract and only come together for this tournament in this formation.

As the team consists to a large extent made ​​up of players who are under contract with the Swiss team, this team plays each lot to the attractiveness of the tournament. The winning team of 2012 was due to the lockout in the NHL from 25 players who have completed a total of 5889 NHL games, assembled, including Ryan Smyth.