Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 10)

The tenth season of the German singing talent show Germany sucht den Superstar aired from January 5th to the 11th of May 2013 for the television station RTL program. In the final Beatrice Egli won against Lisa Wohlgemuth.


On April 30, 2012 RTL announced that American Idol continues despite the decline in its ninth season ratings in 2013. Dieter Bohlen was member of the jury. Last year's jury members Natalie Horler and Bruce Darnell were replaced by the Tokio Hotel: Bill and Tom Kaulitz and the singer of the band Culcha Candela, Mateo " Itchyban " Jaschik. Were moderated broadcasts this season of actor Raul Richter and Nazan Eckes, the former presenter Marco Schreyl no longer exhibited.

Re - Recall

36 candidates made ​​it to the Re - Recall on Curaçao. There were:

20 Men: Tim David Weller, Erwin Kintop, Wincent White, Micah Margraf, Piero Lama, Denis Roland Martin, Ricardo Bielecki, Kevin Dukes, Maurice Glover, Kevin Those wine, Sergen horoz, René Müller, Lucas Lehnert, Thomas Bobert, Björn Bussler, Bojan Odjakov, Simone Mangiapane, Ricardo Black, Timo Tiggeler and Daniel Abazi.

16 women: Beatrice Egli, Jennifer Warren, Laura Kleinas, Talina Domeyer, Sarah Joelle Jahnel, Oksana Kolenitchenko, Susan Albers, Nora Ferjani, Lisa Wohlgemuth, Vaide Braimi, Fairuz Fussi, Angelina Oujegova, Diyana Hensel, Jolijn Middelhoff, Aline Bachmann and Lara Qualo.

Eight participants were ultimately selected by the jury for the theme shows, six more (as shaky candidates called ) for a one-week viewers vote, after which the two candidates also qualified with the best voting result for the theme shows.

Wackelkandidaten Voting

The result was announced at the beginning of the first theme show on March 16. All six candidates had prepared a song, Lisa Wohlgemuth and Simone Mangiapane were allowed to present their as further selected participants.

Theme shows



First Mottoshow

The first theme show was held on 16 March 2013. She wore the motto My Superstar and began with the promulgation of the Wackelkandidaten vote. Before the individual performances the best ten candidates jointly presented the song What a Feeling by Irene Cara. Nora Ferjani retired.

Second Mottoshow

The second theme show took place on 23 March 2013. The theme of the show was " Love is ... ". The nine candidates ran the show one with the song Scream & Shout by and Britney Spears. As Showact Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels came with their single on Dream Team. Maurice Glover resigned.

Third Mottoshow

The third theme show took place on 30 March under the slogan " Let's Party " instead. As the opening song sang the candidates Do not Stop the Party by Pitbull and the candidates Feel This Moment by Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera. Timo Tiggeler retired.

Fourth Mottoshow

The fourth theme show ( " typical German " ) was held on April 6. Initially, the candidate opened the show with a medley of the songs Purple clouds of Marteria, Yasha & Miss Platnum and A star ( ... thy name bears ) Nik P. & DJ Ötzi. After all seven candidates had sung, Alexander Klaws was the guest and introduced his new single Heaven and Hell before. At the end of the presenters announced the departure of Simone Mangiapane.

Fifth Mottoshow

The fifth theme show with the motto " Great Duets and cool Beatz " was held on April 13. The candidates each sang a duet with another candidate and a solo song. There was no opening song. After all the candidates had sung, presented Daniele Negroni his new single Hold on My Heart. At the end of the show, the two presenters announced the resignation of Tim David Weller.

Sixth Mottoshow

The sixth theme show with the motto " German 5x - 5x English " took place on April 20. There was again no Eröffnungsssong. After all the candidates had sung their German and English song, presented Luca Haenni before his new single Shameless. At the end of the show the resignation of Erwin Kintop was announced.

Seventh Mottoshow

The seventh theme show took place on April 27. The motto was: Candidates to power. As the opening song sang the candidates I Love It Icona Pop. Andrea Berg was in this show as a guest juror for this. At the end of the show the resignation of Susan Albers was announced.


The semi-finals took place on 4 May. As a guest star Heino came with his single on Young. In this show, there was again a decision shipment to the actual show, due to the boxing match between Wladimir Klitschko and Francesco Pianeta. In Germany sucht den Superstar - The decision was announced the resignation of Ricardo Bielecki at midnight. This two women are in the final and there will be after Elli Erl, which won the second season, for the second time in the history of American Idol female superstar.


The finale was held on May 11. The retired 8 of the top 10 candidates were guests and sang together the song What a Feeling by Irene Cara. The finalists sang her favorite song each, their season highlight and her winning song. 2013 there was the first time since the fifth season of two different winners songs. In addition, the fans were determined by an Internet vote, the starting order of the candidates. Lisa Wohlgemuth ill a week before the finale of laryngitis, but entered the final round. In case of default by Lisa Wohlgemuth Ricardo Bielecki would be succeeded by the Ersatzkanditat, instead he sang after performances of the finalists out of competition the song Impossible by James Arthur.

Beatrice Egli is the winner of the tenth season and thus Superstar 2013. Thus there was for the second time in a row after Luca Haenni a Swiss victory.

* The age refers to the date of this live show.


In the week of Wackelkandidaten voting appeared in the April issue of German Playboy nude photos of participant Sarah Joelle Jahnel. She was the first American Idol top 15 contestant who was to publish official nude photos.

For the first time in American Idol Season three women reached the round of four.