Expressway S3 (Poland)

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  • West Pomerania
  • Lebus
  • Lower Silesia
  • In construction
  • In planning

The Droga ekspresowa S3 ( ger. for, expressway S3 ') is a finished part or under construction and being planned expressway in Poland. It will run from Świnoujście on the island of Usedom to Lubawka ( Liebau in Silesia) on the Czech- Polish border and drag ( Swinoujscie ) thanks to three provinces. In the majority of its course the expressway S3 is part of the European route 65

Planning history

In the route network plans of 1945 and 1946 included a range that goes from Stettin ( Szczecin) on Poznan ( Poznań) to the Czech border. 1963, this compound was not included in the plans, but a distance between Szczecin and the A2 motorway provided, as it corresponds to the route that is currently planned. In the network by 1971, the planned route, the route was extended verlängert.1976 to the Czech border in the planning until after Świnoujście. Since then, the track is consistently included in the planning. From 1993 to 2001, the route was planned as Autostrada A3.

Completed sections

Sections under construction

Planned sections


Some completed sections of S3 are still run as a country road 3, for example, the sections and Wolin, the avoidance of Gorzów Wielkopolski and the avoidance of Międzyrzecz. Some of these sections are executed only two-lane.