Feldkirchen bei Graz

  • ÖVP: 15
  • SPÖ: 7
  • FPO: 3

Feldkirchen bei Graz is a market town with 5595 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) south of Graz in the district of Graz-Umgebung in Styria ( Austria ).

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  • 5.1 traffic
  • 6.1 municipal
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  • 7.1 Table Tennis


Geographical Location

Feldkirchen is an emerging market town south of Graz, which is grown over the years with the City. It lies on the eastern edge of the river Mur in Graz field.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the following four localities ( in parentheses population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Abtissendorf ( 1204)
  • Feldkirchen bei Graz ( 1611)
  • Livers ( 755 )
  • Wagnitz (1946 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral livers and Wagnitz.

Neighboring communities


Feldkirchen is one of the oldest settlements in the Graz area, situated on a Roman road, the course is covered in Feldkirchen by two Roman stones that connects Flavia Solva with the Danube, and was already around the 9th century ecclesiastical center before the Grazerfeld in Graz a church or parish has been erected.


Culture and sights

Regular events

In 1973, the Feldkirchener Passion plays were founded by Father Josef Gschanes. This took place in the 1970s, initially annually and from 1979 held every two years. Since 1981 they are carried out at intervals of three years, and between 2007 and 2011 due to the transformation of the parish home took four years. Next date is 2014.

Economy and infrastructure


Feldkirchen bei Graz is a very good transport developed. To the south motorway (A2 ) runs through the municipality and is the connection point Graz-Flughafen/Feldkirchen (183 ) since 2004 accessible. Also within easy reach is the Pyhrn motorway (A9) on the junction Kalsdorf about 5 kilometers away. By Feldkirchen runs the Grazer Straße (B 67).

The Feldkirchen has two stops of the Southern Railway: Feldkirchen- Seiersberg ( since 11 December 2005) and the airport Graz- Feldkirchen. From both stations there are hourly train connections to Graz and pitch - road. In the morning and evening peak trains run partially in 15 or 30 - minute intervals.

Graz Airport is located in the municipality of Feldkirchen bei Graz, only the southern third of the airstrip is located in the nearby town of Kalsdorf bei Graz.


Parish council

The municipal council of the municipality Feldkirchen consists of 25 members and is as follows since the 2010 election together:

After the census in 2001 in Feldkirchen result in more than 5,000 inhabitants, the council was increased from 21 to 25 members in the local council elections on 13 March 2005.


Mayor since 1985 Adolf Pellischek (ÖVP ). 1st Vice Mayor Herbert Stockner (ÖVP ), 2nd vice mayor is Manfred Stranzberg ( SPÖ).

Sports and Recreational

Table tennis

With the gaming community Feldkirchen- Puch ( syndicate of clubs TTC Feldkirchen and ASV Puch Graz) has Feldkirchen an over Styria successful table tennis club with over 100 registered members of the association, which with currently 7 adults and 4 junior teams (State of Play Season 2011/2012 ) in all Styrian Divisions ( national league, premier league, minor league, area league, 1st class) is represented. The game is played since the season 2009/2010 season in the newly-built table tennis hall on Mill Lane.

Sons and daughters

  • Werner Seidl (March 30, 1914 in Feldkirchen bei Graz, killed on July 31, 1941 on the Eastern Front ) was a freelance sculptor, pupil of William Gosser, a member of the Graz secession and in 1935, awarded the Austrian State Prize.