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  • SPÖ: 3
  • GREEN: 1

Mellach until the end of 2014 a municipality with 1222 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in Styria in the south of the district of Graz-Umgebung. As part of the municipality of structural reform in Styria it is merged in 2015 with the community Fernitz, the new community will be called Fernitz - Mellach. This is based on the Styrian community structure reform law - StGsrG.

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Geographical Location

Mellach is about 15 km south of the provincial capital of Graz in Styria on the Mur. Mellach is located in Graz Basin.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the three villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Dillach (339)
  • Enzelsdorf (291)
  • Mellach ( 569 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral Mellach.

Neighboring communities


On 14 February 2006, in two dead swans discovered the causative agent of avian H5N1 influenza A H5N1 virus detected, but not in its dangerous for humans shape.

Culture and sights

Economy and infrastructure


Mellach is off the main roads. Since there are no bridges over the Mur are present in the municipal area, road links lead only to neighboring communities Fernitz and Wildon. The Phyrn motorway ( A 9) is on the junction Kalsdorf (194 ) about 8 km distance, the Grazer Straße ( B 67 ) direction Leibnitz about Wildon also in about 8 km.

In the municipality there is no train station. The nearest railway station in Kalsdorf is about 6 km away and provides access to the southern runway with hourly regional train connections to Graz and Leibnitz.

Graz Airport is about 8 km away.

Established businesses

Verbund operates an oil / gas -fired combined cycle power plant, which provides the integrated combined heat and power not only electricity but also heat and meets the highest ecological requirements in the municipality Mellach. In 1996, the power plant has been certified as the cleanest and best resort in Europe with the eco-audit. 2007, the construction of a 850 -MW combined-cycle power plant Mellach was approved on the same site, which was officially handed over to the Federation on 22 June 2012 by general contractor, Siemens. A total of around 2 million tonnes of CO2 are emitted, which increases the total CO2 emissions of the federal state of Styria by around 20 %.



Sons and daughters of the town

  • Maximilian Liebmann ( born 1934 ), Roman Catholic theologian and church historian, born in the district Dillach