Hart bei Graz

  • SPÖ: 14
  • ÖVP: 4
  • GREEN: 2
  • FPÖ: 1

Hart bei Graz (formerly Hart at Saint Peter ) is a community east of Graz in Styria ( Austria ) with 4499 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

  • 3.1 municipal
  • 3.2 Mayor
  • 3.3 Coat of Arms


Hart belongs to the district Graz-Umgebung. The municipality is located in the hills of Eastern Styria to 350-500 m above sea level between the provincial capital of Graz and Lassnitzhoehe.

The municipality comprises the cadastral village fair and hard at Saint Peter's, and the villages of Hart, Messendorf and Pachern.

Not far from Hart is the Lustbühel castle and the same satellite station Graz- Lustbühel Graz University of Technology.

Neighboring communities


As larger hard place was only in the 16th century settlements of an extensive wine region. The name comes from the former word hard ( large forest ), but is handed down in writing only since 1608. He should go back to the settlement by the Franks and their clearings in the 8th century. Already in the 6th century, some areas were inhabited by Slovenes.

The community was formed in 1848 from individual landlords after the abolition of serfdom in the course of land reform. From the great German government in 1938 parts of Hart and his time neighboring village fair was incorporated to Great -Graz, and united the rest under the name Hart in St. Peter. For this is the real capital, the rotting hard, today in the municipality Raaba.

In 1986, the community was renamed the past 11 sq km area in Hart bei Graz.


Parish council

The council consists of 21 members and has been committed to the local council election 2010 mandates the following parties together:


Since the formation of the church in its present form on 1 January 1939, there were in Hart bei Graz (formerly Hart at Saint Peter ) following Mayor:

Acting Mayor since June 4, 1987 Gerhard Payer ( SPÖ). First deputy mayor is Michael Bishop ( SPÖ), 2nd Vice- Mayor Rudolf Klappa (ÖVP ).

Coat of arms

The award of the municipality coat of arms came into effect on 1 May 1996. Coat Description: Argent, a green leafy rose bush filled with three red roses, framed by a green, covered with silver braiding board.


Hart bei Graz is located on the South motorway (A2). Currently, the nearest connection points are Lassnitzhoehe (169 ) km in about 6 kilometers from the direction of Vienna and Graz- Graz- Raaba or Puchwerk on feeder road Graz-Ost in about 5 Distance. In the neighboring village of Kainbach in Graz, however, can be achieved in about 7 km the track Straße (B 65).

The Styrian Eastern Railway runs through the town. On September 13, 2010, a new station was opened in Hart, which replaced the previous stop in Autal. Graz Main Train Station is about 11 km away.

Distance from Graz Airport is approximately 15 km.

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