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Heads of State · obituary

Year of the Earth Rat壬子( at the beginning of the year Metal Pig辛亥)

Syria: 1323/24 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Holy Roman Empire

  • After the death of the last Konradihaus agent Hermann III. receives the Babenberg Ernst I the Duchy of Swabia by Henry II as a fiefdom.
  • Oldrich from the Přemyslovci plunges his brother Jaromir and becomes Duke of Bohemia.
  • After the death of Fromond II is his son Rainald II last Earl of Sens.
  • Much Brunn is first mentioned.

Western Europe

  • Since her father Raimund I. Roger died in the previous year, up his sons Peter and Raymond Wilhelm Raimund together on the legacy of her grandfather Roger I as Count of Carcassonne.
  • After a payment of 48,000 pounds of silver Danegeld by Æthelred draw in 1009, plundering pulling through the country from the Danes from England.
  • Hugo Brown is the Lord of Lusignan.


  • Rajendra I. is co-regent of his father Rajaraja Chola I in the realm of Tamils.


  • Thietmar of Merseburg begins with the writing of a chronicle, which until his death in 1018 comprises eight books.


  • Count Baldwin IV of Flanders marries Otgiva of Luxembourg.



After the death of Pope Sergius IV on May 12 comes Theophylact II of Tusculum on 20th or 21st MAI layman on the Chair of Peter as Pope and takes the name Benedict VIII. Under the influence of the Roman patrician John II Crescentius but at the same time Gregory VI. collected from the house of Crescentii Antipope. However, the Tusculans can ultimately prevail and driving Gregor in summer from Rome. This tries to Christmas yet to gain the recognition of the German king Henry II, the Benedict but this can get.

  • After the death of Tagino is Waltard Archbishop of Magdeburg. However, he died after only three months. His successor is Gero of Magdeburg.
  • Establishment of the Camaldolese Order.
  • Consecration of the old Bamberg Cathedral ( 1185 burned ).


  • The Tibetan monastery Gyel Lhakhang is founded.


  • Marpa, translator and forefather of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism († 1097 )
  • Rongsom Chokyi Zangpo, Tibetan scholar († 1088)


  • 09 June: Tagino, Archbishop of Magdeburg
  • Arnulf II, Count of Cambrai
  • Fromond II, Count of Sens
  • Hugo III. of Lusignan, third Lord of Lusignan
  • John II Crescentius Roman patrician at the time of the Roman-German king Henry II
  • Roger I, Count of Carcassonne