Ankkarock (Eng. ducks skirt) is a Finnish rock and metal festival, traditionally held on the first weekend of August in Vantaa in the parade area every year.

The Ruisrock in Turku is the partner of the Festival Ankkarock why the two events have a similar line-up.


The first Ankkarock was founded in 1986 by a group of volunteers as a free rock concert. The venue of the park Ankkalammet (Eng. duck ponds ) was selected in parade, which also became the namesake of the festival. As headliners played Havana Black before about 800 visitors a year later already 2,000 people came.

1991 was the festival with bands like Freud Marx Engels & Jung place before about 10,000 visitors. The Ankkarock this year was not only two days, but also received a second stage ( Rocklava and Päälava ). Over the next few years the festival grew more and more, both dealers mile and tasting area took on an increasingly larger area and in 1996, the festival attracted a total of 33,000 music fans. This has made it the one of the biggest festivals in Finland.

1998 joined the site eventually with 55,000 visitors to its limit. For reasons of public safety, it was decided to reduce the festival. Therefore, the Ankkarock 1999, with costs, per day entrance fee of 60 mk ( ~ 10 € ) was required. With a total of 30,000 spectators was the festival, which offered headlining Nightwish, Ultra Bra and Apulanta, yet sold.

In the following years the number of visitors remained stable despite rising ticket price constant at about 30,000 people. In 2008 there were, according to the organizers, 30,500, of which 17,000 on Saturday and 13,500 on Sunday. Since 2003, it would have three stages in use ( Korsolava, Rocklava and Puistolava ).


The logo of the festival is a cartoon duck in the style of the Ducks, which is usually modeled after a member of a headlining band. 2010 Don Huonot acted as duck. More Ducks last years were Maija Vilkkumaa (2009), Jouni Hynynen of Kotiteollisuus (2008 ), Toni Wirtanen of Apulanta (2007), Paula Vesala and Mira Luoti of PMMP together with Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom (2006), Tarja Turunen as singer of Nightwish (2005), Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus with Justin Hawkins of The Darkness (2004), Ville Valo of HIM (2003 ) and Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks ( 2002).

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