Honda Dio

The Honda Lead SCV 100, internally designated JF11, is a motor scooter from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. It was manufactured in India and sold from 2003 to 2007 in Europe as a successor to the Honda Bali in the 100 cc class. The list price was 1640 euros in Germany. Outside Europe, it was marketed as a Honda Dio. He was not offered in the United States. The Honda Dio was appointed by the BBC to "Scooter of the Year" in 2003. Successor since 2008 is the Honda Lead NHX 110 ( JF19 ).


The Honda Lead is characterized by its simple and robust construction, its low weight and small dimensions.

It is powered by a fan air-cooled single-cylinder four -stroke engine with unregulated catalyst and 5.2 kW / 7 hp. The mixture preparation is carried out via a carburetor. The ignition system is designed as a maintenance-free non-contact ignition ( CDI). When transmission is a continuously variable automatic transmission V-belt is used, which is integrated into the system Unit Swing. The scooter has a front suspension pushed a short swingarm with 80mm of travel, which responds very comfortable on small bumps, as well as 10 -inch wheels with 130 mm drum brakes front and rear.

The lead is designed with a top speed of 81 km / h city scooter. Its average fuel consumption of 3.1 l/100 km corresponds to the many 50 cc scooter. He is related to the maintenance of relatively undemanding; as the only operating fluid near the gear oil in the final drive is only to change the engine oil regularly. For maintenance (eg adjusting the valve clearance or spark plug replacement ) to the rear bumper can be tilted to a comfortable maintenance position after releasing just five screws.


The compact cockpit features besides the obligatory speedometer and warning lights for turn signals and high beam on a gas gauge. In addition to the Kickstarter, an electric starter is standard equipment. A luggage carrier, bag hooks and a small helmet compartment that can accommodate a jet helmet, are also included in the equipment. The alternator produces a power of 110 W. The headlamp is equipped with a 35/35 watt Biluxlampe. For the German market a driving light control system is installed, ie the light is not switched off and turn on automatically when the engine is running.


Offered is the scooter in the following colors:

  • Geny Gray ( gray)
  • Candy Tahitian Blue ( dark blue)
  • Force Silver (silver)
  • Radiant Red (light red)

Left Side View

Profile view rear right


The 2008-2010 produced Honda NHX 110 Lead ( JF19 ) is so far the last model of the series lead. The scooter has an electronic fuel injection system and a regulated catalytic converter. The power of the 108 cc single-cylinder four -stroke engine was increased to 6.6 kW / 9.0 hp. The speed limit is still 81 km / h The front suspension was changed to front forks. The 2010 model cost according to the list in 2040 euros.