Honda Wave series

The Innova is a light motorcycle company Honda. Its origin goes back to the light motorcycle Honda Cub, which has been built since the 1950s several tens of millions of times, and as the most commonly built worldwide motor vehicle shall at all before the VW Beetle. The Innova is since 2008 in addition to other European countries, available now in Germany. It is distributed worldwide and is called location-dependent and Wave, NF, ANF125i or Supra.

According to the environmentally friendly Honda's goal to stop the production of two-stroke engines, this motorcycle is now equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 125 cc displacement. The mixture preparation by fuel injection makes the operation very energy efficient. The manufacturer estimates that the fuel line with about 2 liters per 100 km.

From the appearance produces the Honda Innova is a blend of scooter and motorcycle, but it is a real motorcycle ( light motorcycle ). Roller Similarly, the upright seating position, weather protection and the tank under the seat. Motorcycle Typical are the large wheels (17-inch ), footrests, mounted under the engine, a rocker ( no Unit Swing! ), The pinion gear (4 courses) and the chain driving the rear wheel.

Other features include: semi-automatic paddle shifters and the closed chain case (protection against splashing water, longer lubrication intervals). The Honda Innova is because the engine is so efficient gladly taken to gasoline -saving modifications that can be reached solely by aerodynamic measures, thereby the fuel consumption is halved again.

The end of 2011 was Honda announced that the innovation is no longer being offered. The floods in Thailand have severely disrupted not only the production of computer components such as hard drives, the vehicle and motor vehicle parts production was affected. Therefore, imports from Vietnam and China is provided from 2012 for Europe. The model Honda Wave 110i with 110 cubic centimeters, slightly less power, slightly modified, trim parts and cast wheels ( tubeless; instead of the problem prone, elegant spoke wheels with hose ) takes the official successor, and then also on the European market with the name " Wave " out. Honda tries to equalize the internal competition of the lower segment.


Source: Official Honda website, press releases, our own measurements