Honda CBX 750

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The Honda CBX 750 ( RC17 RC18 ) is a motorcycle that was from 1984 to 1989 built by the Japanese manufacturer Honda.


The CBX 750 was the successor to the Honda CB 750 F ( RC03 ) and CB 750 K with DOHC engine and is made 750 E / F / G in the variants. In Germany only the CBX 750 F was offered. The main markets were Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong used a modified version of the motorcycle with the internal name Honda CBX 750 P ( RC18 ) in the police operation. This guy was fitted with a larger oil cooler, a full fairing, a case system, a shaft drive of the rear wheel, single-seat bench and the local police equipment.

Technical Information (Honda CBX 750 F )

The engine

The engine, an air-cooled four-cylinder inline engine with 4- stroke spark ignition system has two overhead camshafts ( " DOHC " ) and 16 valves with hydraulic valve clearance compensation. The fuel-air mixture is prepared by Keihin CV carburetors. 10,000 min-1 are recommended as maximum speed, at 11,000 min-1 uses the rev limiter. Lubricating the engine works with four and a half liters of oil which is cooled in an arranged above the exhaust manifolds oil cooler, wherein part of the frame is used for the oil circuit as a reservoir.

The power transmission

The power is transmitted via a hydraulically actuated multi- disc wet clutch and a 6 -speed transmission on the chain-driven rear wheel.

The chassis

The frame of the bike is a double-cradle frame in which an airborne telescope fork works with a tube diameter of 39 mm to cushion the front wheel. The front fork has an anti-dive system ( TRAC ), which reduces the compression ( immersion) during braking. The suspension of the rear wheel via an airborne monoshock with Pro -link linkage.

The double disc brake on the front wheel has a diameter of 280 mm in diameter and with a double piston calipers. The 280 mm rear disc brake A is also designed as a floating caliper brake with double piston. The wheelbase of the bike is 1465 mm. The front tire has the dimension 110/90-16 and the rear tire dimension 130/80-18. The curb weight of the vehicle is 241 kg.


The car accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in less than four seconds from zero to 160 km / h in less than ten seconds. The maximum speed indicated by the manufacturer is 217 km / h

General information: The volume of the fuel tank is 22 liters, of which four liters reserve volume. The consumption per 100 km, depending on driving style, from 6.5 to 10.0 liters of regular gasoline RON 91 The theoretical range is thus about 220 to 330 kilometers.