Honda VFR800

Bj.2002 - 2010: Water-cooled four-cylinder four -stroke 90 - degree V - engine, crankshaft transversely, two overhead chain-driven camshafts ( DOHC ) per cylinder bank four bucket tappets actuated valves per cylinder with valve control system VTEC, fuel injection, regulated catalytic converter with secondary air system, e- starter

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The VFR 800 RC46 FI (FI for Fuel injection ) is a motorcycle sport touring category by the Japanese manufacturer Honda.

Changes compared to the VFR 750

The engine capacity increased from 748 cc to 781.7 cc. Innovations were the two side mounted radiator, Honda CBS integral brake system, injection system, and a regulated catalytic converter.

Other notable changes

The engine of the VFR800 ( RC46 ) is a redesign dar. It is a derivative of the Superbike Homologationsmodells RC45 with 360 ° crankshaft. In contrast to this the RC46 engine operates with a 180 ° crank offset. In addition to the measures already described, the following details are to be mentioned: - the camshaft drive (via spur gears ) is on the side ( not centrally ). This has the consequence that the engine with only 3 main bearings manages ( to minimize friction, narrower construction). - The cylinders are equipped with jacks from an aluminum composite alloy which contribute to minimize friction.

New edition of the VFR 800

The machines from the year 2002 with VTEC engine, a hydraulic control technology of the valves fitted. Instead gear drive for the four overhead camshafts chain-driven camshafts now been introduced. Thus, the typical whistling of the gear drive disappeared while driving. When brake Honda has combined an ABS with the company's combined brake CBS. The panel has been completely redesigned, and the ergonomics has also been revised.


Honda VFR 800 FI 1999 RC46 - 50th Anniversary Limited Edition / rear view


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