Honda VT series

The Honda VT 750 C Shadow is a motorcycle cruiser category of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda.

Model History


The liquid-cooled four-stroke engine has a displacement of 749 cm ³ and generates a maximum power of 34 kW (46 hp). The cylinder angle of the transverse-mounted V-engine is 52 °. The two cylinders have a bore of 79 mm diameter, the piston has a stroke of 76 mm and a compression ratio of 9.6:1.

Related models

Related to Honda VT 750 C Shadow is the model of Honda VF 750 C, which mainly differ in the engine. VT stands for V Twin, is thus a two-cylinder while the VF models designated with four cylinders (V Four). The C stands for " Custom " and features chopper. Because of the exhaust gas regulations, primarily in California, the RC14 in the USA with a 700cm ³ engine under the name Honda VT 700 C ( RC19 ) was expelled.


" Setback 45 hp from 750 cubic engine capacity? Wen lures because such a " tired " Long Gabler from behind the stove? It's simple: All those for whom the journey is the destination. "