Honda Z50M

The Honda Z50M is a small moped from the " Honda Monkey " series and is the successor to the Honda CZ100 Monkey (1963 - 1966). The Z50M was sold 1967-1969 Honda mainly in Europe and Japan.


Compared to its predecessor, the Honda CZ100, Z50M learned the basic changes. Not only visually but also technically, the Z50M different from the CZ100. So it was at the Z50M for example, the known from the Honda SS50 50 cc OHC engine, which replaced the hitherto popular bumper engine of many older Honda motorcycles.


Seat and handlebars were folded down, the pegs could be folded up and the fuel tank and carburetor were largely sealed for transport: In the Z50M Honda even more to cater tried the Monkey concept " small and portable ." But the frame, fork and tank differ materially from the CZ100. The few remaining similarities with the CZ100 are the small tire size with 5 inches and a still rigid frame.

In a few instances, a version with an unthrottled engine with about 3.3 kW ( 4.5 hp) was sold in Japan. In addition, this special model had chrome fenders, however, was never exported. There are some leaflets showing the version with the chrome fenders.

A hallmark of Z50M is the seat cover with tartan pattern, although there were also versions with black fabric.

Z50M in Germany

The Z50M is there also called "Boot Monkey". Why this name comes ultimately, can not be traced back. Firstly, the Monkey concept was advertised as being the portable second car for driving in airplanes or boats. On the other hand the nickname " Monkey Boat " could be also associated with the English word "boot ", which refers to the trunk of a ( large ) cars.

In the first Z50M Z50M the brochures from Honda was still " Foldup 50 " called ( collapsible). However, this name does not prevailed, and it remained essentially in the name Monkey " Z50M ". In Germany, only a few models were sold. By special TÜV regulations, the production version of the Z50M was not approved for the German road traffic. A few German Honda importers modified so the Z50M to seek an authorization for that vehicle. On the whole, however, the Z50M remained in Germany is rather rare. The European Z50M model differs from the Japanese model, for example, through the guide and location of the exhaust. During the muffler under the frame sits on the European models close to the ground, this is localized in most Japanese variants in the center of the frame under the seat. The French version also has a huge acting headlights.

Since the Z50M was sold total in very small quantities, it is a very sought-after collector's item today.