Honda X4

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The Honda X4 is a motorcycle of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. The Naked Bike was developed as a competitor to the Yamaha Vmax and sold exclusively in the Japanese market. Honda Germany opted for a market analysis to not to introduce the X4 to Germany, so that only the gray importer ZTK - Könemann the first Honda X4 brought to Germany in 1997.

Technically similar to the X4 CB1300 available also in Germany. The model code is SC38.

The models

  • Model 1997
  • Model 1998
  • 1999 model
  • Model 2000
  • Longer risers
  • Showa gas-assisted struts
  • Secondary Air
  • Amended Brake inner plates
  • Unpainted cylinder block and radiator
  • 2003 model