Honda Zoomer

The Honda Zoomer NPS50 ( in North America Honda Ruckus ) is a single-seat scooter from Honda and arrived in Europe in 2004 on the market.

The scooter is powered by a liquid-cooled SOHC single-cylinder four -stroke engine with 50 cc displacement and electronic fuel injection and has a regulated catalytic converter. The consumption is about 2.2 liters of regular petrol per 100 km (depending on driving style ). The North American model has taken the injection of a carburetor with choke and no catalyst. The motor does not reach their design the liveliness of comparable two-stroke scooters. It is in the EU version with a modified Variator a top speed of max. 42-45 km / h limited. A reduction to max. 25 km / h is possible.

An electronic starter with brushless alternator ( ACG) is an innovative novelty, the presence - makes a separate starter motor superfluous - and the weight. A lightweight, maintenance-free, magnetically driven water pump eliminates the need for mechanical seals superfluous. The fully automatic transmission by the Honda V -Matic belt drive requires practically no maintenance. The chassis can withstand even light off- road excursions. The cockpit equipment is limited to the bare minimum, tachometer, fuel gauge and clock are missing. A weather protection is virtually non-existent, only the wide footboard protects somewhat against splashes. The geometry of the frame and handlebar allows even tall drivers a comfortable seating posture over long distances. Due to the comparatively low weight of the maneuvering of the scooter made ​​very easy, even jacking up on the center stand does not get a feat of strength.

The model is especially popular in the U.S. and Japan, where he is also extremely fond rebuilt and tuned up. Honda even offers accessories to make the scooter individually. But there are far more accessories from other manufacturers.

In Germany, the model was able to prevail not right due to its high price and the unusual design, despite some technical features, such as acting as a starter alternator or the contact - electromagnetically driven coolant pump. The scooter is no longer sold by Honda in Germany since the end of 2012.

To operate the Honda Zoomer on public roads in Germany extends the ABE and the yearly ( March 1 ) to changing moped insurance plate and at least the driver's license class M ( Vmax 25 km / h: moped certificate ).

In Austria, no separate license is required unless the moped pass for 15 - year-old. Moped registration number and insurance as well as the related annual § 57a - " Pickerl " assessment are required.



  • HONDA NPS50 Driver 's manual (English / German ) ( c) 2005
  • HONDA NPS50 type AF66 EC- Certificate of conformity (EC Certificate of Conformity )