Honda Crosstourer

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The Honda VFR 1200 X is a motorcycle of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.. The enduro was presented at the EICMA motorcycle show on November 13, 2011 in Milan, triggering the Honda XL 1000 V Varadero from. The sister model of marketed under the name Cross tourer VFR 1200 X is the VFR 800 X Crossrunner. The model code is SC70.



The Cross Tourer is powered by a liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine with 1237 cc capacity, which is derived from the sport tourer VFR 1200 F, but by 32 kW ( 44 hp) is derated. The transversely mounted V- engine has a cylinder bank angle of 76 degrees and a firing interval of 28 degrees. The four-stroke engine is adapted to the requirements of a grand touring enduro and produces a rated power of 95 kW (129 hp). The maximum torque of 126 Nm is reached min-1 at a speed of 6500. Each cylinder head has four valves, which are actuated by single overhead camshaft via tappets and rocker arms.

The bike accelerates in 4.0 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of electronically limited 210 km / h The passage of 50 to 120 km / h takes 7.4 seconds. The fuel consumption is 6.1 liters per 100 km at an average speed of 130 km / h The fuel tank holds 21.5 liters and will have a range of 364 km.

Drive- by-wire technology

The motor controller ( eng. Engine Control Unit ECU) controls the injection pressure, duration of injection and the ignition as a function of engine speed, gear and the temperature. In addition, the signals for the servomotors of the throttle valves are evaluated via a control unit that generates the potentiometer on the throttle cable. This technique, which requires no throttle cables, and is drive-by -wire or in this case called Throttle -by-wire. At the same time, depending on the throttle position the servomotor for the flap in the upper mouth of the muffler that opens between a rotational speed of 5000 to 6000 rpm and ensures an abrupt power delivery controls the ECU.

Dual-clutch transmission

As with the VFR 1200 F is optionally available for the VFR 1200 X is a dual clutch transmission ( eng. Dual Clutch Transmission, DCT). In contrast to the car, the transmission selects not on the no-load transmission shaft the next gear before, but only switches when the driver or the automatic function gives the order to do so. A switching process takes 500 ms significantly longer than the 200 ms with current cars with dual-clutch transmission, however, the Honda DCT react faster in case of sudden gas removal and subsequent downshift as the dual clutch transmission of a car


In the single-sided swingarm low-maintenance shaft drive is integrated. The swingarm pivot point is positioned above and behind the front universal joint of the propeller shaft, the shaft thus does not run exactly parallel to the longitudinal axis of the swing arm. A sliding piece at constant velocity joint before the Tellerradgehäuse secures the compression and rebound of the rear wheel the necessary length adjustment of the propeller shaft. A total of three shock absorbers have been integrated in the drive train: on the shaft between the clutch and the transmission output shaft and against the universal joint. The swingarm is based on a progressive lever linkage and monoshock suspension from the frame.

Color variations

The machine is available in 2012 in four paint variations:

  • Digital Silver Metallic
  • Pearl Sunbeam White
  • Pearl Cosmic Black
  • Candy Prominence Red

Market situation

Following is a list of motorcycles with a similar engine characteristics and suspension geometry:


" While we do not seemed to us quite understand the smaller Crossrunner still difficult to have done with the sorting and us, the cross-over idea, we'll do us Cross Tourer now much easier. Yes, here is the "X" for multi-function, because the narrow 19 - inch front wheel, the respectable spring travel and the cross-spoke wheels are credible evidence to the bit of adventure, what every SUV buyer would like to see. "

" However, the 76 -degree V4 for the Cross Tourer use was significantly revised, trimmed with tamer timing, longer and thinner and shorter and thinner intake manifolds and a three-chamber muffler and out the other. With success, as known from the VFR listlessness, especially in the lower speed range is passé. The V4 with 28 degree firing interval, big-bang firing order and each one overhead camshaft that controls the valves via bucket tappets and roller rocker arms, marched from the first meters to go pithy and with rich V4 sound and exerts its power over the entire speed range as evenly as predictable. "

" Honda refers to the new Cross Tourer honestly as road Enduro, what with a curb weight of 275 kilograms is also good. On gravel roads and dirt tracks, it can be easily moved or difficult terrain but their cause is not. Really good but it feels great on asphalt. "

"Well did not become a Africa -Twin substitute from the Cross Tourer, but at least they can attract with a promising mixture: as a technical gem a V4 engine with 76 degree cylinder angle and 28 degree firing interval. This makes the drive a real Emotional treats: Punchy, cultured and supple marches Honda los, underlaid by a great sound, but does not harmonize by far the driving feel that is wooden and stiff. "

" Honda has released an " SUV " of fraudulent wire spoke wheels, a touring machine with modern amenities and only slightly prolonged suspension travel. Hurtle enduro and 1200s - V4 drive does not seem to be really compatible with each other. "