Honda VFR1200F

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The Honda VFR 1200F is a sport touring motorcycle category of the Japanese manufacturer Honda.

The fully enclosed motorcycle was unveiled on 23 October 2009 at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1100 and 2010 XX (also known as Super Blackbird - and marketed ) as the successor to the Honda VFR 800 FI or the CBR positioned in the market. Production began in October 2009 in Kumamoto in Japan under the factory code SC63.



The liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine produced from 1237 cc capacity is rated at 127 kW ( 173 hp). Above a speed of 4000 min-1 are nominally 90 per cent of maximum torque is available.

The transversely mounted V- engine is equipped with a technically unusual cylinder arrangement: the cylinder bank angle is 76 ° instead of the usual 90 °, the two rear cylinders are arranged in the center, the front cylinders are placed on the outer side. In order to achieve an optimum mass balancing a crank pin offset was chosen by 28 ° (calculated: 180 ° minus double cylinder angle equal to 180 ° firing interval → - 2 × 76 ° = 28 °). In contrast to the usual uniform 180 ° firing order ( at 180 º firing interval ) two cylinders are fired in quick succession with 104 ° spacing (so-called "big bang " principle ) here. Due to this combination of cylinder angle firing interval and firing order no balance shafts against unwanted vibrations are needed. The space-saving Unicam valve control with a chain driven camshaft per cylinder bank operated via tappets directly two intake valves and two exhaust valves via roller rocker arms per cylinder. The engine builds despite 455 cc more displacement is only marginally higher and is significantly shorter than the 90 ° V4 engine VFR 800, which has four cylinders have a bore of 81 mm diameter, the piston has a stroke of 60 mm and a compression ratio of 12: 1

The bike accelerates in 3.0 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds to 200 km / h and reaches a top speed of electronically limited 250 km / h

The average fuel consumption is 5.9 liters per 100 km at a speed of 130 km / h The fuel tank has a volume of 18.5 liters. The manufacturer recommends the use of unleaded motor gasoline with an antiknock properties of at least 95 octane and gives a theoretical range of 314 km of. The exhaust after-treatment is performed by a regulated catalytic converter and below the limit values ​​for pollutants emission standard Euro - third

Drive- by-wire technology

The motor controller (English Engine Control Unit ECU) controls the injection pressure, duration of injection and the ignition as a function of engine speed, gear and the coolant temperature. In addition, the signals for the servomotors of the throttle valves are evaluated via a control unit that generates the potentiometer on the throttle cable. This technique, which requires no throttle cables, and is drive-by -wire or in this case called Throttle -by-wire. At the same time, the ECU takes care depending on the throttle position to the servo motor for the flap in the upper mouth of the muffler that opens 5000-6000 min-1 and provides a sudden power delivery.

Dual-clutch transmission

For the first time in a production bike is optionally available for VFR 1200F a dual clutch transmission ( eng. Dual Clutch Transmission, DCT). In contrast to the car, the transmission selects not on the no-load transmission shaft the next gear before, but only switched on when the driver or the automatic function gives the order to do so. A switching process takes 500 ms many times longer than current cars with dual-clutch transmission. , But the Honda DCT can at sudden gas removal and subsequent downshift react faster than a car double-clutch gearbox.

Composite brakes with anti -lock braking system

The front wheel is delayed by two radially mounted six-piston fixed caliper brakes, the braking forces are transmitted via two floating brake discs with a diameter of 320 mm. The rear wheel is braked by a two-piston floating caliper, brake disc has a diameter of 276 mm. Front and rear brakes locked together, controlled by a common pressure modulator. When operating the hand brake lever the six pistons of the right brake caliper and four of the left be moved. Upon actuation of the foot brake pedal, the two pistons of the rear brake caliper and, in addition, controlled with the ABS pressure modulator with solenoid control valves, with the two driven upper plunger of the left front brake caliper.


In the single-sided swingarm low-maintenance shaft drive is integrated. The swingarm pivot point is positioned above and behind the front universal joint of the propeller shaft, the shaft thus does not run exactly parallel to the longitudinal axis of the swing arm. A sliding piece at constant velocity joint before the Tellerradgehäuse secures the compression and rebound of the rear wheel the necessary length adjustment of the propeller shaft. A total of three shock absorbers have been integrated in the drive train on the shaft between the clutch and the transmission output shaft and against the universal joint. The swingarm is based on a progressive lever linkage and monoshock suspension from the frame.

Electrical System

The starter battery has a capacity of 12 Ah and supplies the electric starter. The alternator produces an electrical output of 570 watts.

2012 model year

In the 2012 model year, the engine characteristics have been optimized and reduced fuel consumption by changes in the PGM -FI fuel injection. The tank volume was enlarged and modified the seat and the LED mirror turn signals. Traction control was supplemented and optimized by electronic control of the optional dual clutch transmission.

Color variations

The machine is available in three paint variations 2010:

  • Candy Prominence Red
  • Pearl Sunbeam White
  • Seal Silver Metallic

The machine was offered in 2012 in four finish versions:

  • Candy Tahitian Blue
  • Darkness Black Metallic
  • Candy Prominence Red
  • Blade Titanium Metallic


" The front merges into the side panel, which in turn merges with the tank. Optimized flow, lots of wind protection, stable high-speed position. Ideal conditions. But fans of the legendary CBR1100XX Super Blackbird will be disappointed, because the VFR utilizes its possibilities only to a maximum of 250 km / h "

"With the new VFR 1200 F Honda has provided a technology platform on the 17- inch wheels, the successful bridge between sport and tour kicks as V - man, but it emphasizes the sporty side clearly. Qualitatively meets the VFR with the sophisticated clientele of the tour, which is equal to three-year warranty and the customer-friendly 12,000 km extended maintenance intervals underline. "

" The long-awaited VFR has become a good bike, very good even. An excellent but it is not. The multi-stage performance characteristic is more of a hindrance, equipment barren. The 1200s shines through many technological specialties. In addition, three-year warranty and 12000 - maintenance intervals. [ ... ] The motor characteristic is unbalanced, the propulsion befitting only beyond the 4,000 mark. Under 3000 rpm, there is atypical for this displacement class before listlessness. "


Rear view

Left side view

Front view


Silencer with the visible flap in the upper estuary

Concept Model


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