Honda CBR 1100 XX

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The Honda CBR 1100 XX is a motorcycle of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. The fully enclosed sports tourer was the second motorcycle with a top speed of close to 300 km / h and for two years the fastest production motorcycle in the world. The bike was also marketed under the name Super Blackbird and had the Honda factory code SC35.



The liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine produced from 1137 cc capacity is rated at 112 kW ( 152 hp ) and maximum torque of 119 Nm at a speed of 7250 min -1. The cylinder head of the transversely-mounted in-line engine has two overhead camshafts per cylinder which control two intake and two exhaust valves. The engine is based on the design of the Honda Fireblade ( SC33 ), but has an enlarged 71 mm Ø 79 mm hole. The pistons have a stroke of 58 mm.

The bike accelerates from a standstill in 2.8 seconds to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds to 200 km / h The top speed is 282 km / h

Power transmission

The primary mechanism via gears. The force of separation is made possible by a hydraulically actuated multi- disc wet clutch, the torque conversion by a six speed gearbox. The secondary drive is via an O -ring chain.

Fuel supply

The mixture formation of the four-stroke engine controls since 1999 as a Programmed Fuel Injection ( PGM -FI) designated, computer controlled fuel injection. Ignition occurs per cylinder through a transistor controlled spark plug.

The average fuel consumption is 5.9 liters per 100 km at a speed of 130 km / h The fuel tank has a volume of 23 liters, including 4 liter reserve. The manufacturer recommends the use of motor gasoline with an antiknock properties of at least 95 octane.

The exhaust after-treatment is carried out from the Year 1999 by a three - way catalytic converter and secondary air system drops below the limit values ​​for pollutants emission standard Euro -2.

Landing gear

The chassis is based on a bridge frame made ​​of aluminum and has a rear ProLink called dual swing arm made ​​of aluminum. The monoshock has a lever system with adjustable preload and rebound damping. The front wheel is out of a telescopic fork with Ø 43 mm diameter and 120 mm of travel.

On the front tire a delayed double disc brake with 310 mm in diameter and the rear disc brake with a 256 mm. Both brakes have calipers from Nissin with three opposing pistons. A dual -CBS -called combined braking system supports the injection of both brakes. An anti -lock braking system was not offered for the vehicle.

Model history

At its launch in 1997, the CBR 1100 XX was with a rated output of 118 kW (160 hp) at a speed of 10,000 min-1 the most powerful production motorcycle in the world. In Germany the bike, however, was offered due to a manufacturer's self-restraint is only standard in a 72 kW ( 98 hp ) throttled version. A disorderly catalyst was optionally available.

The four 42 mm Keihin CV carburetors from 1999 were replaced by a fuel injection system, whereby the choke (choke ) was omitted. The fuel injection system allowing the use of a three-way catalyst, which reduced the power to 112 kW ( 152 hp). However, an additional Ram Air system increased the power at high speeds to 164 hp. The brake force distribution between front and rear brake was changed in the same course and the tank volume increased from 22 to 24 liters. The number of friction plates in the clutch was reduced from 9 to 7 and changed the fork, the rear light and the ignition switch.

The cockpit was revised in 2001 and changed the analog speedometer to a digital. The engine mapping has been optimized for a smoother throttle response at low speeds 2002. In 2005, the tank volume was reduced from 24 to 23 liters.

In March 2007, the last CBR 1100 XX ran in Japan from the tape. A direct successor with a similar vehicle characteristics were not from Honda. The CBR 1100 XX after the supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, Lockheed SR -71 " Blackbird" ( German: Blackbird ) named.


" The double -X is a compact and perfectly suitable for everyday use athletes. She entered the stage in 1996 as flinkstes production bike in the world, but soon found in their proper role as an arrow faster, more comfortable Express Tourer. "

" " The World 's Greatest Super Sport, "says Honda CBR 1100 XX applied once the. Super Sporty was the Super Blackbird though never but a super fine power- tourer, which it is still today. "