Honda VF1000

The Honda VF 1000 R is a fully enclosed motorcycle of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda, which was built from 1984 to 1987 under the factory code SC16. There is a version with single and one with twin headlights.



The liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine produced from 998 cc capacity is rated at 90 kW ( 122 hp ) and maximum torque of 84 Nm at an engine speed of 7500 min -1. The transversely mounted V- engine has a cylinder bank angle of 90 degrees. The four -cylinder has a bore of 77 mm diameter, the piston has a stroke of 53.6 mm and a compression ratio of 10.7:1. Each cylinder head has two gear transmission, overhead camshafts, which per cylinder to control two intake and two exhaust valves. Before the main water cooler is still a second, smaller water cooler in the front panel.

A 12 -volt starter battery with a capacity of 16 Ah powers the electric starter. The alternator the alternator produces a maximum electrical output of 360 watts. The fuel tank has a volume of 25 liters, of which 4.5 liters reserve. The manufacturer recommends the use of unleaded motor gasoline with an antiknock properties of at least 95 octane.

The dry weight is 234 kg and the weight in running order 265 kg and 274 kg from Year 1985.

The bike has a dual exhaust system. The clutch is actuated hydraulically. A transistorized controls the fuel ignition. The front forks with a diameter of 41 mm on the left fork leg has an anti -dive and on the right a three-way adjustable rebound damping. In addition, she has taken over from the long-distance racing quick flip fists for the wheel axle, allow the fastest wheel change. The quick-release axles are hollow drilled. These details had Honda, as well as the gear camshaft drive and rear ventilated disc taken from the racing.

The VF series was with engines with 400, 500, 700, 750, 1000 and 1100 cm ³ capacity made ​​.



" The success of the Honda was opposed by their high price, also disappointed their handling characteristics. The VF 1000 R remained far below the lofty expectations: from full-bodied 122 PS propagated presented themselves to the test only 115, and who had the 272 kg - so much weighed a vollbetankte with 25 liters VF - hard to create. Up to 200 km / h 13.6 seconds elapsed, but after some start with folded driver the light barrier documented at least 249 km / h "


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