Honda NC700 series

The Honda NC 700X is a semi- faired motorcycle of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. The advertised as a crossover bike motorized two-wheeler was presented on 9 November 2011 at the EICMA in Milan and sold from April 2012. The capacity of the two- cylinder engine is 670 cc. The sales description of NC stands for New Concept, the internal model code is RC63.


From Honda commissioned market surveys show that motorcycles are moved in over 90 % of the time at a speed of less than 140 km / h and at engine speeds of 6000 rpm under. For this reason, Honda has developed a system optimized for these areas of use, inexpensive motorcycle.

The NC 700X shares a platform with the Naked Bike NC 700S ( RC61 ) and the big scooter NC 700D Integra ( RC62 ). In order to reduce development and production costs, Honda Motors took over the known from the automotive modular principle and implemented on the same platform, three different models, the engine, frame, fuel tank, and the controls are largely the same.


The NC 700X and its two sister models each have the same engine, a long stroke parallel twin with 670 cc displacement. The two cylinders have a bore diameter of 73 mm in diameter, the piston has a stroke of 80 mm and a compression ratio of 10.7:1. It is based on the engine from the small car Honda Jazz which was reduced to two cylinders and optimized for use in a motorcycle. The performance characteristics of the engine, therefore, more closely resemble those of a car, with a speed limit of 6500 rpm and a relatively high torque at low and medium engine speed range. Among other things, this also results in low fuel consumption of the bike: are 3.7 l/100 km, measured in WMTC mode ( worldwide- Harmonized motorcycle test cycle). The magazine Auto Zeitung is the average consumption of 4.3 liters on 100 km. The Twin series is inclined at 62 degrees to the front, which allows a good center of gravity and low installation height. In order to reduce the number of components in the engine, oil and water pump are driven directly.

The bike accelerates in 5.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 168 km / h


Before the driver's seat, where there is usually the fuel tank at the NC 700X, is an approximately 21 -liter storage compartment into which fits a full-face helmet. The 14.1 -liter fuel tank itself is optimized balance point under the driver's seat, the fuel cap is located under the flip-up passenger seat.


On the motorcycle show EICMA in Milan, Honda has announced and demonstrated the successor to the NC 700X in November 2013. The NC 750X has 50 cc more displacement and thus a rated output of 40 kW ( 54 hp). As part of the facelift, among other things, the onboard computer to various functions such as fuel consumption and a gear indicator has been added. The feature of the Combined ABS was not however included in the follow up, here assumes a conventional anti -lock braking system in which both front-wheel and rear brake are operated separately.


" The fact is that the brand new Honda NC 700 X homage from the basic information here rather of reason as the pleasure principle. The new People's motorcycle shines next to the tremendous price of just 6000 euros primarily by upscale everyday use rather than armor piercing dynamics. "

" The comfort make a surprisingly good wind protection behind the small adjustable washer and a huge 21 -liter storage compartment under the dummy tank completely, which can accommodate a helmet or backpack. Of course, the NC 700 X not bewitches with fine components, but their processing makes a good impression and for this they can be regarded as a prime example of how you can provide an incredibly inexpensive everyday motorcycle on the wheels with simple but functional components and a coordinated development. "

" Convincing is the quality of NC - despite the low price. A Honda that is its name. For people who are looking for something reliable, unagitated and Frugal. "