John F. Snodgrass

John Fryall Snodgrass ( born March 2, 1804 Berkeley County, Virginia; † June 5, 1854 in Parkersburg, Virginia ) was an American politician. In 1853 and 1854 he represented the state of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Born in what is now West Virginia John Snodgrass attended the public schools of his home. After a subsequent law degree in 1843 and its recent approval as a lawyer, he started in Parkersburg to work in this profession. At the same time he proposed as a member of the Democratic Party launched a political career. In the years 1850 and 1851 he was a delegate at a meeting on the revision of the Constitution of Virginia.

In the congressional elections of 1852 Snodgrass was in the eleventh electoral district of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of John Letcher on March 4, 1853. This mandate he was able to exercise until his death on June 5, 1854. His time as a congressman was shaped by the events leading up to the Civil War.